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Durango Small Car Durango Small Car

Durango Premier Auto Care, dba Durango Small Car

A locally owned auto repair business that specializes in the maintenance and repair of European and Asian import cars for 40 years. Offering you the convenience to stay local.

Durango Small Car
138 Bodo Drive
Durango, CO 81303
Today's Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Import Auto Repair and Maintenance

Love your European or Asian car or SUV? Keep it running in top form without having to take it to an out of town dealership. Durango Small Car has been providing import owners with quality automotive repairs and maintenance for over 40 years. Whether it be your 120,000 mile check-up, an alignment, suspension work, timing belt, or minor to major repairs, Durango Small Car covers the niche market of European and Asian import vehicles. Import cars require specialized tools and service that the technicians at Durango Small Car are equipped and trained to manage. Durango Small Car specializes in the following models:

Your Local Solution - AAA Approved

Don’t waste your valuable time and money driving to Albuquerque or Denver where the nearest dealerships are, take your vehicle into Durango Small Car to get the specialized service that you need done by a trusted local. Durango Small Car has been servicing imported vehicles for over 40 years, and as the import vehicle market has grown, so has their ability to service these vehicles. As a local AAA Approved automotive repair shop, Durango Small Car values your time and money and wants to ensure the longevity of your vehicle by allowing you to avoid taking routine trips to a dealership. Read the local reviews of Durango Small Car here.

Import Parts

Are you the Do It Yourself type, but like to have access to OEM or other specialized parts? Let us help. Because of the relationships that Durango Small Car has developed with vendors from repairing import cars over the last 40 years, Durango Small Car can order specialized parts for your vehicle. This resource is of great value to the Four Corners as it helps clients like you get the parts you need from someone you trust.

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