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Creative copywriting, web content & blog upkeep, company newsletters, chalkboard art, and marketing tactics exclusive to your business' needs

Joy Martin
463 1/2 E. 5th Ave.
Durango, CO 81301
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About joy:

Like her Southern-belle mother, Joy Elizabeth Morris has a tendency to melt walls with twinkling eyes and that charming, trapping question, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” And chances are real high that Colorado-born, Mississippi-raised, and traveler of over 30 countries, Joy relates to you in at least two ways: you both want to see your business grow and you both love mountains.

Whatever your business or background, Joy can’t wait to hear about it and see where she fits into the picture. 

In the words of her loquacious mother, “to make a long story short,” joy: is a business designed on Joy’s passion to find a good story and tell it. Through creative copywriting, web content & blog upkeep, company newsletters, and marketing tactics exclusive to your needs, Joy takes your story, product uniqueness, freshest idea, or ultimate direction, and conveys it to your clients in a genuine way that reminds them they play an indispensable role in your business. They are, after all, the reason you’re able to do what you love!

Joy knows you would write these fluff pieces if you just had the time or talent to put your thoughts on paper. She also knows you’re busy. Call or email today to introduce yourself, and she’ll get back to you immediately with a slew of creatively genius ideas of where to go from there.

Joy seriously can’t wait to meet you!

“Joy… is extremely charming and possesses a unique talent for relationship building. It is with no hesitation that I refer to you a genuinely talented individual who is ready to take on any new challenge.”

      -Seth Heald, President, Arizona Outback Adventures

“Joy is a pleasure to work with and seems to have a unique creative flair with a work ethic to finish what she has committed to accomplish.

      -Roger Weetman, Manager of Recreation, Resort Municipality of Whistler

“I think any person, business, or country that is able to experience Joy’s enthusiasm for life, her work ethic, and her centered, spiritual presence is fortunate.”

       -Mike Williams, President, The Austen Group

Joy Morris Writer Extraordinaire