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Rim River Construction

Rim River Construction

Rim River Construction provides general contracting, consulting and development services to clients in Durango with the highest possible standards.

Rim River Construction
Serving The Greater Durango Area
Durango, CO
Today's Hours: 7:00AM - 5:00PM (By Appointment)
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Valuable Experience

Fred Fisher and the team at Rim River Construction offer over two decades of knowledge to the construction industry. From the birth of your vision for your home until completion and inspections, we offer guidance every step of the way and finish projects within budget, time-frames and to the highest quality. The invaluable knowledge that Fred Fisher offers to the Durango area ranges greatly, from administrative management and plan design to costing and scheduling. At Rim River Construction, our “hands on” experience in construction and consulting ranges over many areas of the building process and we strive to bring a comfortable familiarity that clients can appreciate.

Our Mission

At the heart of our business, we provide the finest services in construction and consulting and work towards a goal of completing the client’s projects within the budgeted amount and in a timely manner. As a result of our long-standing presence in Durango area, we have sustained an excellent relationship with our former customers, and they are happy to showcase their home to prospective clients. At Rim River Construction, you can schedule a guided tour with us to see past projects that are of interest to you and see first hand how we can help you build your dream home. Overall, our mission is to upload a strong sense of integrity throughout the building process, and to complete the job smoothly through cooperation and communication.

Custom Homes and Projects

When you choose Rim River Construction, you’ll feel secure knowing that our knowledge extends to all positions of the building process such as project management, labor control, payment schedules, materials list and other construction associated areas. We can accommodate your designs exactly to your style, whether you prefer modern and contemporary, “Southwestern” adobe or a more rustic feel, we have experience in constructing a variety of homes. Our custom designed features such as cabinetry, wood beam trusses, crafted stone fireplaces and tiled flooring are timeless accents that will truly set your home apart from the rest.

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Rim River Construction