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Rim River Construction - General Contractor

Rim River Construction provides light commercial, custom homes, remodels and additions, consulting, and project management.

Rim River Construction
Mancos to Purgatory
in town Durango & Florida Mesa
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About Rim River Construction

Thanks for taking the time to look into our company as we know there are many choices. We want the experience of building to be a great one and we’ll work hard toward that end. We don’t have a website because all of our jobs and projects have been word of mouth or referrals, thus there has been no need. We hope that this web page will provide you with some information about us.

Over the years and throughout many different projects, we've built not just homes but relationships with our clients ... many of whom we are lucky to call friends today. Fred Fisher (owner and often the chief carpenter) has lived and worked in the area his entire life. His experience and knowledge of the construction industry and building process is invaluable. His resume extends from large commercial establishments to custom homes, from “ground up” remodels, to additions and everything in between. He is a “hands-on” guy and more often than not, he will be on the job with his bags on and tools in hand.

Fred works closely with the most reputable subcontractors and material suppliers in our area and many of the local Durango Architects and Engineers. He has built the personal homes of local Architect Jon Pomeroy and Structural Engineer Dave Wilson from Wilson Structural Engineering. We have collected great recommendations from our clients over the years and are happy to share these with you. We are extremely proud of the results of our hard work and integrity.

As the few photos above show, our jobs have varied greatly in style. We have built southwestern, traditional, rustic and contemporary homes. Interior finishes have been as varied as the exterior architecture. The locations of our jobsites range from Mancos to Purgatory, in town Durango and on the Florida Mesa.

We can take you from start to finish or work with you on plans you may already have had drawn up. We provide you with an estimated budget based on your plans, tastes and preferences, and a construction schedule to get the projected started. Next, the exciting part starts ... the actual building and constructing!



Photos courtesy of Heather Mace Architectural Photography and Fred Fisher

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Rim River Construction