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Horsefly History Tours In Durango CO

Horsefly History Tours

Horsefly History Tours provides the ultimate guided walking experience of Historic Downtown Durango. Learn about Durango's macabre Wild West history!

Horsefly History Tours
Durango, CO 81301
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History with a Bite

Horsefly History Tours operates in Historic Downtown Durango to provide a unique modern-day experience which brings history to life. Imagine, a wild frontier town riddled with cold-blooded murders, gunfights, and outlaws. Wealthy madams, with their ‘sporting girls’ brought in on the train, ran the many brothels in the red light districts. Gambling halls and seedy saloons outnumbered ‘pure and righteous’ businesses. That was Durango in the late 1800’s. Through thorough research involving multigenerational family interviews, input from local historians, and rare and out-of-print books, we have compiled a history of Durango that is often unheard of, accurate, and ready to be unearthed. 

Hauntings & History Ghost Tour

Downtown Durango is saturated with paranormal activity. You don’t need to walk far to get your fill of ghost stories. Main Avenue was once home to a plethora of saloons, dance halls, brothels, and gambling halls. It was the stomping ground for outlaws, gamblers, prostitutes, miners, and railroad workers. Late night escapades, fueled by whiskey, led to many tragic events resulting in the ghosts that wander the streets today.

Our 90-minute Hauntings & History Ghost Tour will not disappoint. We will meet outside of Hermosa Cafe (738 Main Ave) at dusk. Come early and order a drink from their bar to bring to our first stop. We will be in one of the oldest basements downtown and (spoiler alert!) it's haunted! We have conducted paranormal investigations in the location and have captured quite a bit of evidence. We only have temporary access to this location so don't miss out!!! 

Meeting Place: In Front of Hermosa Cafe (738 Main Avenue)

Time: 8 pm

Dates: Check our website for current dates 

Where to Meet and What to Expect

Please check our website for current tour times and dates. Pull on your cowboy boots (or walking shoes) and remember to check the forecast for Colorado’s classic changing weather. An umbrella is recommended for the Quick & Dirty Tour for some shade from the sun. Get ready to experience the local, historic, and darker side of 1880-1920 Durango!

It is now NOT required to wear a mask outdoors. If/when we go inside locations you must wear a mask. Your fully vaccinated tour guide will not be wearing a mask outdoors. Please do not come on a tour if you are experiencing any Covid related symptoms.

The tours are about 90 minutes long. Please contact us with any questions.

Ultimate Guided Tours

Horsefly History Walking Tours is the only tour company offering guided walking tours on a regular basis of Historic Downtown Durango, Colorado. Who wants to do a self-guided tour with super limited information when you can have a personable guide ready to share all the juice! Regardless of what tour you pick you will hear chilling stories of Durango’s macabre wild west history.

For this 2021 summer season we are offering two distinct tours. One for the morning people who might be less interested in the paranormal stories. The Quick & Dirty tour offers a one-way walk up Main Avenue. We will stop at the locations of some of Durango’s most notorious events (did you know there was a hanging tree?). The tour ends right around lunchtime which will be perfect timing for lunch at one of downtown’s irresistible eateries. We are more than happy to provide recommendations!! This tour starts at the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train Depot at 10 am (meet at the horse sculptures out front). 

For those who want to learn about the dead who come alive at night in the historic buildings, along with some spine-tingling chills, then our Hauntings & History Tour is the one for you. This ghost tour is a limited edition just for the summer! We have special access to a very haunted, very old, basement that will set the mood for our 8 pm walking tour. Thanks to the very generous owners of the building and to Hermosa Cafe, we get to start the tour IN the vacant basement. Grab a glass of wine to go at the cafe and sip it for the introduction in the basement. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! 

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Horsefly History Tours