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Horsefly History Tours In Durango CO

Horsefly History Tours

Horsefly History Tours provides the ultimate guided walking experience of Historic Downtown Durango with the help of multi-generational stories.

Horsefly History Tours
P.O. Box 2002
Durango, CO 81302
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History with a Bite

Horsefly History Tours operates in Historic Downtown Durango to provide a unique modern-day experience which brings history to life. Imagine, a wild frontier town riddled with cold-blooded murders, gunfights, and outlaws. Wealthy madams, with their ‘sporting girls’ brought in on the train, ran the many brothels in the red light districts. Gambling halls and seedy saloons outnumbered ‘pure and righteous’ businesses. That was Durango in the late 1800’s. Through thorough research involving multigenerational family interviews, input from local historians, and rare and out-of-print books, we have compiled a history of Durango that is often unheard of, accurate, and ready to be unearthed. 

Guided Walking Tours

Downtown Durango is saturated with paranormal activity. You don’t need to walk far to get your fill of ghost stories. This season we have condensed our regular ghost tour into this special one hour tour, our "Halloween Ghost Tour." This Halloween inspired tour will take you past truly haunted places where the souls who lived such treacherous lives can not rest. The 900 block of Main Avenue was home to a plethora of saloons, dance halls, brothels, and gambling halls. It was the stomping ground for outlaws, gamblers, prostitutes, miners, and railroad workers. Late night escapades, fueled by whiskey, resulted in many tragic events.

The tour kicks off in front of Toh-Atin gallery where you will hear the chilling story of an outlaw brought to justice by a vigilante mob. We will then explore what was once considered the saloon block. The ghost of the Sheriff still lingers in the place he was brutally murdered, a sporting girl still wanders a building where her throat was slashed, and a little boy still plays and runs around the halls of an old hotel where he’s eternally waiting for his mom. The grande finale is a tour of a truly haunted stretch of a 1890’s era historic underground tunnel. We consider the stretch of tunnel to be an active paranormal site. Use all of your senses to detect any activity; proceed with caution. Book now (tickets sell fast) and let’s get spooked!

Where to Meet and What to Expect

This years Halloween Ghost Tour meets outside in front of Toh-Atin Gallery. Slap on your walking shoes and remember to check the forecast for Colorado’s classic changing weather. Get ready to experience the local, historic, and darker side of 1880-1920 Durango!

Masks are required in order to attend. Please do not come on a tour if you are experiencing any Covid related symptoms.

Please bring your smartphone to access digital content specific to this tour. 

This tour is about an hour long. We will only be walking one block. Please contact us with any questions.

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Horsefly History Tours