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Durango Online Outpost

Online Outpost

Gold, silver, antiques, rarities, western collectibles, and even cowboy action gun parts - Online Outpost specializes in buying and selling in the Four Corners Region.

Online Outpost
2141 Main Ave
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: Closed (Closed Saturdays)
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Four Corners Gold & Silver Trader

Whether you have gold, silver or platinum bullion or scrap, Online Outpost in Durango, CO is the place to go for immediate sale. Antique, modern, used, broken, Native American and estate jewelry are all sought after. Rare coins also can be sold at Online Outpost. Serving an area rich in western culture, Online Outpost has an eclectic collection of items from around the Four Corners region and is always looking to add more items to that collection.

Durango Home for Online Outpost

From the world of online to a storefront in Durango, the Online Outpost specializes in the trading of valuable items. Located at 2141 Main Avenue in the North Main District, drop in and meet owner Terri Little, who specializes in the buying and selling of rare items, from gold and silver to antiques, western collectibles and cowboy action gun parts.

Cowboy Gun Part Specialist

Terri Little aka Durango Trader has an extensive background in the Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) business. She has maintained Evil Roy’s website for over 10 years. Evil Roy aka Gene Pearcey is a champion cowboy action shooter. Little maintains a CAS parts sales business to serve this specialty market. Whether through her online shop or at the storefront in Durango, CO. Cowboy action shooters and gunsmiths can find the parts to make their guns work as smooth as possible. Online Outpost is the only authorized dealer for Cowboys and Indian. Online Outpost is also a dealer for Evil Roy, The Smith Shop, Palo Verde, Sure Hit, Wild Bodie, Slixprings and more. Online Outpost is a proven name in Cowboy Action Shooting and a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Affiliated Merchant.


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