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Durango Quantum Bio Feedback

Durango BioFeedback

Durango BioFeedback provides a new way of healing through training the body for anything from physical, mental to spiritual pain.

Durango BioFeedback
Mitch Harwood
390 E 12th Street Apt 3
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: Closed
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Durango BioFeedback 1 on 1 Session

Durango BioFeedback works with you to discuss your needs and concerns in order to properly understand the needs that your body has and how to start the training process in order to correct what might be going wrong. This test during the training process asks your body over ten thousand questions to get a very detailed report of your body’s present state. This process is called training because the Quantum Biofeedback device actually trains your body to relieve the stress that causes pain and tribulation. Once said stress is relieved, there is space for the body to do what it naturally does to heal itself. 

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Long Distance Bio Feedback Session

In the world of Quantum Physics there is no time or space, which is why Durango BioFeedback uses this particular type of device. Therefore, the Quantum Bio Feedback device allows one to set up a quantum field that will work remotely. The Academy of Quantum BioFeedback did a study showing that it made little to no difference if the client was in the office or not and the client still experienced the same relief.

Energy and Chakra Cleanse

Are you feeling energetically or spiritually worn out?  Are you feeling like some other energy is attacking or stealing YOUR energy? Durango Biofeedback can help.  By clearing your energetic field of unwanted "intruders' ' and balancing your chakra system and the ten levels of your auric field, Durango BioFeedback’s clients have reported experiencing a feeling of relief with spiritual and energetic upliftment.

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