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Animas Historical Museum Animas Historical Museum

Animas Historical Museum

The Animas Museum - History, artifacts and educational programs on La Plata county

Animas Museum
3065 West 2nd Ave.
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: Closed
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The Animas Museum

The Animas Museum is owned and operated by the La Plata County Historical Society, whose directors and staff have transformed the 1904 Animas City School building into a charming local history museum.


The mission of the La Plata County Historical Society is to keep La Plata County history and culture alive for present and future generations.


  • We promote public awareness of our collective past through the Animas Museum and its exhibits, educational programs and advocacy.
  • We provide a welcoming space to support and give voice to the region's diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Our collections stewardship makes available community resources to inspire engagement and understanding.
  • We promote historic preservation by fostering an appreciation of history, the built environment and landscape.

The Museum offers a variety of exhibits and programs for all ages, and is also home to our research library and photo archives.

Ph: 970.259.2402

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Animas Historical Museum Durango Colorado

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Animas Museum, Durango, Colorado