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The Good Food Collective The Good Food Collective

The Good Food Collective

The Good Food Collective serves the Four Corners and Durango area to help obtain a healthy, locally sustainable food system.

The Good Food Collective
278 Sawyer Drive, Unit #1A
Durango, CO 81301
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The Mission

The main goal of The Good Food Collective of Durango, Colorado is to rework our region’s food system in a healthy, sustainable way. The Good Food Collective leverages the vital resources that are a pivotal part of the community and, by doing so, the Durango and surrounding areas can begin to build an environmentally-friendly, localized food system.

The Execution

How is it possible to build a sustainable food system in Southwest Colorado? The Good Food Collective supports the local farmers and ranchers in order to keep the food growing, help with harvesting and aid in distributing. From the Farms to Food Assistance Program, selling local farmer’s food to local food banks, to Roots of Health, providing weekly food drop offs to health care workers in the area, to “gleaning”, which is a program in which workers visit homes in the area to harvest fruit from trees in the backyard to eliminate waste, The Good Food Collective has several programs that benefit the community to revamp the local food system.

Supporting the Durango Team

Donations of any kind to the Durango, Colorado Good Food Collective are always greatly appreciated! If you have a tasty food recipe, a financial contribution or you would like to volunteer and lend a helping hand, you can do so by reaching out to the Durango team at The Good Food Collective HERE. If you are interested in joining the team more permanently, check out the positions available HERE.


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