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Trails 2000

Trails 2000

Focused on building and maintaining the rich network of trails, Trails 2000 connects our community to trails and encourages a spirit of stewardship.

Trails 2000
PO BOX 3868
Durango, CO 81301
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Laying Trail

We like to get our hands dirty in the name of the outdoors, especially when building and maintaining the trails that connect our community of hikers, runners, and mountain bikers to the great outdoors and spectacular landscapes that surround our city. Trails 2000 plans, builds and maintains the Durango area trail systems since 1989 with the collaboration of the Forest Service, BLM, City, County and private property owners.


Fostering an awareness of, and stewardship towards, our trails and the incredible areas they allow us to access is paramount to our mission. Trails 2000 provides a comprehensive database of trails and maps, including a reporting system for trail conditionsso you can plan when and where you’re going to explore with confidence. We also work hard to teach trail etiquette and provide reminders that encourage conscious use of shared trails.

We developed our TrailKids program to encourage curiosity, care, and appreciated at an early age by pairing exploration, science education, and trailwork.

Lend a Hand

Trails 2000 relies on the generous support of its members, volunteers, and donors. Membership helps provide financial support for our work and gives you access to exclusive events and other benefits. Donate today to become a member of Trails 2000.

Without our large number of wonderful volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the countless miles of trail around Durango. They make our outdoor playgrounds possible with an average of over three thousand collective hours of annual service. We hope you’ll consider lending a hand, whether it's on the trail or at our events.

Sponsored by Velorution

This Trails 2000 listing is made possible through sponsorship from Velorution Cycles. Located at the Horse Gulch trailhead, find excellent retail, rentals, repairs and community for your biking needs, whether touring distance, on the mountain, or around town. Thanks Velorution!

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Trails 2000