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Animas Mosquito Control District Animas Mosquito Control District

Animas Mosquito Control District

Animas Mosquito Control District provides a safe, environmentally friendly way of controlling those pesky pests around your home.

Animas Mosquito Control District
870 CR 252
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
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Animas Mosquito Control District Mission

Since 1960, Animas Mosquito Control District has been serving the Durango area by maintaining the mosquito population in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  AMCD focuses on an extensive larvae control program, eliminating mosquitoes in their aquatic habitats before they become a health threat or a nuisance and is committed to operating in a safe, ecologically sound manner, respecting both the public and private lands that it operates on when carrying out mosquito abatement activities. AMCD begins services in February and continues until November.

What AMCD Does

There are five main steps AMCD takes in order to prevent and control the mosquito population in the Durango, Colorado area. 

  1. Surveying – Before treating areas for mosquitoes, AMCD surveys the area by using site identification and "dipping" water.
  2. Larviciding – When surveillance shows evidence of active mosquito larvae or historical evidence identifies areas of concern, AMCD initiates abatement actions. 
  3. Adulticiding – When adult mosquitoes are present adult abatement activity occurs, but only at the request of the property owner.  Areas identified as No Spray are not treated.
  4. Identification – When adult mosquitoes or mosquito larvae are found, representative samples are collected and identified in AMCD’s laboratory.
  5. Trapping – Animas Mosquito Control District has 17 adult mosquito traps set throughout the district.  The traps are checked early morning and help AMCD focus on areas of concern.  Trapped adults are identified, counted, and recorded in the lab.

Prevent and Protect

Be sure to always keep these three things in mind when it comes to prevention and protection from those pesky pests that are mosquitos. 

  1. Drain – Be sure to drain any standing water around your home.
  2. Dress – Try to wear light colored, loose fitting clothing as mosquitos are more attracted to dark colors. 
  3. Defend – Be sure to choose a mosquito repellent that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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