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Papa Murphy's pizza in Bayfield CO Papa Murphy's pizza in Bayfield CO

Papa Murphy's Pizza

Papa Murphys pizza food truck in Bayfield, CO offers take n bake pizza for you to bring home for lunch or dinner!

Papa Murphy's Pizza
300 Bayfield Center
Bayfield, CO 81122
Today's Hours: 2:00PM - 5:00PM
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Papa Murphy’s Pizza in Bayfield, CO

Check out Papa Murphy’s Pizza food truck in Bayfield, CO for pizza on the go! Ready to take home and put in the oven, Papa Murphy’s takes away the stress of planning dinner and guarantees fresh hot pizza to cook yourself that won’t go cold on your way home like other take out pizza. 

Take N’ Bake Pizza on the Go!

No one likes the stress of planning, prepping and cooking dinner-- especially after a long day of being at the office or running errands. Let Papa Murphy’s Pizza food truck in Bayfield do the cooking for you. You deserve it! Made with fresh, savory ingredients, Papa Murphy’s Pizza will have you going back for more. Choose from classic favorites like pepperoni and chicken bacon ranch pizza to trying something new like one of their rotating specialty pizzas like cheeseburger or BBQ chicken.

Offering Pizza on Thursdays and Fridays

Be sure to plan your schedule to pick up some pizzas at Papa Murphy’s Pizza food truck-- they are only open Thursdays and Fridays at the Dollar General parking lot in Bayfield, CO from 2pm until the last pizza is sold!


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