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Mill Street Bistro in Bayfield CO Mill Street Bistro in Bayfield CO

Mill Street Bistro

Offering a fine dining experience in Bayfield, CO with a new featured menu each week of high quality, delicious food that is sure to impress your taste buds.

Mill Street Bistro
135 W Mill Street
Bayfield, CO 81122
Today's Hours: 4:30PM - 8:00PM
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Mill Street Bistro in Bayfield, CO

Mill Street Bistro in Bayfield, CO is one of the only restaurants in the Town of Bayfield that offers fine dining! Enjoy everything from juicy tender steaks to homemade pastas. You can’t go wrong with any choice you make on the menu; everything is savory and made to the utmost purest taste of  perfection. Don’t forget to pair each divine dish with a decadent wine selection.

New Menu Every Week

The best part of Mill Street Bistro is that a brand new menu comes out every week! You’ll want to go back begging for more of the chef’s new weekly creations. Keep checking back on their website or on their Facebook page to see the new menu.

Open for Business Wednesdays - Fridays

As Mill Street Bistro is only open for dinner Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, it’s important to plan ahead and make a reservation for the new savory dish of the week! Don’t miss out on what’s new-- you could be discovering your new favorite spot for a quiet, romantic evening.

Directions to Mill Street Bistro

Directions to Mill Street Bistro

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