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Kachina Kitchen Kachina Kitchen

Kachina Kitchen

Affordable & Authentic Native American & Latin Cuisine at a convenient location in Durango, CO

325 S Camino del Rio
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
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Navajo Tacos, Sopapillas, Fry Bread


Kachina Kitchen Coupon

There CAN be a worse addiction, right? How bad can a pastry fetish really be? Don't be alarmed if you hear these words swirling around inside your head after indulging in Kachina Kitchen’s SOPA-PIE. Your taste buds just might stand up and dance (like kachina spirit dolls, perhaps?) while experiencing this fabulous fruit-filled delight. Go ahead! Eat your dessert first!

      Kachina Kitchen is the place to be when it comes to savoring authentic Native American (& Latin) cuisine and it would be a dire shame to visit south west Colorado without becoming acquainted with it.

      Dessert aside, there are plenty of seductive meals on the lunch/dinner menu guaranteed to please your grown-up taste buds! The Stuffed Sopapilla, a dish that has reportedly been around for 200 years, is a staple in many SW homes and this one surmounts all others! Originating in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, this “little pillow” (Hispanic translation) is filled with meat, cheese, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole, then, covered in more cheese and your choice of chili. Try it and see for yourself! Or try a SW version of an American classic: the Green Chili Burger!

       No one goes away hungry from Kachinas! The proof is sitting in the dining room, and they are more than likely wearing their colors. The SKYHAWKS (Ft. Lewis College students, for those of you from afar) come in for a landing right around dinnertime and as we all know, filling a starving student’s tummy is no easy task! Besides, all the food is fresh because it’s homemade, so even though it may not remind them of Mama's favorite dish, it fits the bill (no pun intended!) It’s also pleasing to the wallet, even without the FREE refills on soft drinks offer.

       Another “Must Try” is the Navajo Taco! It’s the best thing to hit Durango this side of the reservation! It’s the Superstar of Kachina’s menu and it’s earned its honorable rank. Side by side, it would make a regular taco wither in shame. It truly is fit for a Chief! It is so big that a smaller one is offered, for those of us who are not starving.

       It is obvious the owner is fervent about his business as he is hands-on both with his workers and his clientele to assure everyone is content. A cleaner quick-serve dining establishment cannot be found. So, if you are up for an out-of-the-ordinary spread, expedient service, in a handy location (Bodo Park area), head towards Kachina Kitchen. Your dancing tastebuds will assure your return!


         Free your tastebuds by letting them dance, Navajo style!

            Serve 'em a fresh Navajo Taco from Kachina Kitchen

                                   and feel the sensation

                   as they perform a Yeibichai in your mouth!



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