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Wide variety of yarn and knitting supplies.

Yarn Durango

"Creativity Center for Fiber Enthusiasts!" Your Durango source for yarn, fiber, and inspiration.

Yarn Durango
755 E 2nd Ave
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
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Feeling is Believing

Fiber is one of the finer things in life. Whether you are a knitter, crocheter, spinner, or felter, Yarn Durango wants to strike a chord with your creative side. 

Knitting's knackering stigma is a stitch in our side. It isn't the sleepy pass-time that it's portrayed to be. Creating something truly unique with your own two hands is enthralling and wholesome.

Whether creating a custom scarf or putting numerous hours into an amazing sweater, we know you don’t want to cut corners on materials. We’ve cultivated a substantial selection of national and local brands to ensure you have lasting pride in your creation.


We are more than just a fiber provider because we are committed to generating education and community for our customers and guests. Our staff is as knowledgeable and passionate as they come!


Our library offers a comfortable and cozy place to access a plethora of amazing text resources. Whether you are looking for instruction or inspiration, feel free to stop by, unwind, and intertwine your curiosity with our knowledge and passion.

Knitting Groups

Take part in our vibrant community of knitters, spinners, and fellow fiber enthusiasts. We want to encourage new groups to come together and share their enjoyment in knitting, spinning, felting, and more.


You could be a knitting novice or wizard of wool, but Yarn Durango offers a series of different classes to get you on your way toward your next custom project. See our classes and events calendar to see what we’ve got in store for you!


Yarn Durango is the local home base for fiberous art. We want you to walk away with the confidence and high-quality materials to create your own one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

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Yarn Durango