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Rocky Mountain Pawn & Gun

A friendly atmosphere where we buy and sell gold, firearms, ammo, jewelry, tools, electronics, hunting & fishing supplies in Durango for over 20 years.

Rocky Mountain Pawn & Gun
157 CR 250
Durango, CO 81301
Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Rocky Mountain Pawn & Gun

FIREARMS: We proudly offer one of the largest selection of firearms in the Four Corners. From hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns to handguns and beginner's firearms, you'll find what you're looking for with us. Our inventory changes daily.

AMMO: We carry a large variety of ammunition, accessories, and supplies, so be sure to check with us!

FRIENDLY: We can get grenade launchers, but we won't point them at you! Seriously though, our team is knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about responsibly carrying on the American tradition of owning and using firearms. Many a parent and child have acquired their first firearms and training classes through us.

Jewelry, Electronics, Gear

JEWELRY: When it comes to jewelry, our prices are consistently lower than what you'll find for similar pieces of art on Main Street. Sometimes you'll find just what you're looking to give your sweetheart for 40% off retail.

ELECTRONICS: We consistently offer the latest merchandise for sale. Our inventory only consists of the newest technology and it changes frequently. You'll always find the latest tablets, laptops, DVD's, TV's, Playstation, and X-Box consoles and games.

SPORTING GOODS: Inventory changes by the season. From golf clubs and accessories to outdoor sports, we always seem to carry relevant gear for your sporting pursuits. 

Cash & 90 Day Loans

GET CASH: We don't believe that working with a business of our type has to be like what is portrayed on the Pawn Shop TV Shows. We're easy going and work to achieve fair dealings with third-party pricing. This means that we don't engage in aggressive negotiation tactics - we refer to commonly-used third-party pricing for items you wish to sell for cash.

LOANS: We consistently offer 90-Day Collateral Loans. If you need some cash, come by and ask how it works. We work to create a comfortable process and a friendly atmosphere. Stop in and see one our associates to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions


  - Yes, our entire store and aisles change seasonally like a chameleon to meet the demand of the different seasons. Plus, folks are continually offering neat items for cash, so there's always something new each week!


  - We guarantee every item we sell. Everything is tested, guaranteed, and regulated.


  - We have a very friendly atmosphere and team. We pride ourselves on being easy-going and creating a comfortable atmosphere for fair dealings. Stop by and ask one of our associates at the front desk!


  - Our industry is one of the most heavily-regulated in the area by such organizations as the ATF, FBI, and Local Sherriff's Department. All items we purchase from folks are placed on a 30-day Police Hold.


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