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Zircon Container Company

Zircon Container Company

For a mobile office, secure storage, or mobile housing and facilities and more, Zircon Container Company provides durable mobile shipping containers for any application.

Zircon Container Company-Ignacio
Primary Location
250 County Road 319
Ignacio, CO 81137
Today's Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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A Portable Container for Every Need

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable mobile office, secure storage facility, portable building or housing, mobile medical center, or even a greenhouse unit, Zircon Container Company can outfit you with both new and refurbished mobile shipping containers. Offering one of the most versatile mobile units available, Zircon Container Company caters to clients in multiple industries including ranching, farming, construction, retail, and homeowners. There’s no limit to a Zircon container’s capabilities. Built to your precise requirements, these containers can be built out for any application.

Rent, Buy, and Customize

Zircon Containers are available for rent and purchase. For rentals, you or your business have the ability to lease a Zircon container for however long you need. Zircon Container Company will deliver your fully refurbished portable container to any location in Colorado and inside the surrounding states (please refer to map). Zircon has 20’ and 40’ containers available for purchase in new, refurbished or used condition. When purchasing a Zircon Container, you have the ability to customize your own container to fit your specific needs. Purchasing a mobile steel container has proven to be more cost effective then constructing a new building or facility.

Premium Quality and Durable Build

Zircon’s portable storage containers are made from 12-gauge steel and consistently prove to be unmatched in the fields of durability, mobility, and security. With size ranges expanding from six-by-six cubes all the way to 40-foot long units, the possible applications for Zircon containers are endless. The durable steel construction means that the containers will not degrade from weathering and outdoor factors.

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Zircon Container Company