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Ever seen that amazing scene in Ace Ventura when the main character played by Jim Carrey slides perfectly into place in front of Joe Robbie Stadium when investigating Snowflake's disappearance? It happened in the middle of a NASCAR Race this past weekend at Talladega Motor Speedway in Alabama.

NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski was feeling his inner kung fu when his Ford Mustang spun out of control just has he entered pit road during Sunday's race at Talladega. Famous for its wide open racing at NASCAR's fastest speeds, the race produced a wild, yet legal pit stop when Keselowski pulled an accidental 180-degree spin to a perfect position within the white lines of his pit stall. 

A slight adjustment by the crew produced an average, if not otherwise normal pit stop as Keselwoski then peeled out to re-enter the race. You've got to see it to believe it, and the sound actually helps describe the chaotic moment that seems, well, unusually standard for these guys.


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