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Thanksgiving Day A to Z

It’s that time of year again. Family pumpkin pie recipes are being pulled out from the back of cookbooks, turkeys are flooding the store and family members are wondering if they can all stay with you over the holidays. It’s officially Thanksgiving time again! Whether you plan on hosting a friendsgiving this year, a traditional family-centered Thanksgiving or both, we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind. Just don’t take them too seriously. The holiday seasons can be stressful as is! So sit back, relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving in Durango, Colorado this year. Be sure to stock up on all of your favorite wines and ingredients for your special holiday cocktails and make the last couple of months of 2022 the greatest. Don’t forget to give thanks for all the people around you and the joy that this year has brought to you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



A is for zero animosity. As in there will be NONE of it. Be sure to give the adults some happy juice when they walk through your door to avoid all possibilities of having a less than pleasant day. 

 B is for basic photos. Ya know, the ones  including the entire family that will most likely be turned into a Christmas card? 

 C is for cranberries. The sauce, the kind that comes from the can, or the fresh ones-- any kind of cranberry you can possibly think of, you will need for Thanksgiving. 

  D is for diving in on the food on your plate. It's finally time to dive in on the marvelous feast you helped prepare. If you didn’t help at all, then stop watching football and at least help clean the kitchen after the meal. 

 E is for entertaining guests. Be sure to have the wine stocked and the NFL game on– it’s going to be a long, hectic day per usual on Thanksgiving. 

 F is for finishing your plate. This is the one day per year that you need to put your diet plan to the side and indulge.

 G is for GOBBLE GOBBLE! Hopefully this sound will not be coming from the turkey that you are pulling out of the freezer to dethaw before cooking it… 

 H is for having the most fun. After all, this holiday is intended to gather with your friends and family and give thanks for everything you have!

 I is for ice. Don’t forget to get plenty of ice for desserts and cocktails. Your freezer that makes its own ice is going to run out– trust me. 

 J is for jammin’ out. If you’re not one to have the NFL game on during Thanksgiving preparations, then it is vital that you get that playlist made and ready to go!

 K is for karma. Remember, this holiday season is a reminder to spread love and kindness, especially towards your friends and family that will be joining you for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Need I say more, but karma is a B****.

 L is for love. Because love is why you’re making a meal for 30 people all in one afternoon, right?

 M is for a huge, delicious meal. Get ready to down your plate and beg for leftover tupperware full of all of your favorite eats.

 N is for no whining. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. So your mom made pumpkin pie instead of a pecan– big whoop! Both are still decadently tasty! 

 O is for absolutely obliterated. Thanksgiving dinner always leads to a full belly and nice long nap. Be sure to remember to wear your loose jeans this year… 

 P is for preparing. Prepare for everything unexpected– things tend to happen at Thanksgiving family gatherings that weren’t exactly planned.

 Q is for quiet. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, then you’re going to want to hold onto this in the back of your mind: PEACE and QUIET once everyone says their goodbyes and you curl up on the couch with a glass of wine.

 R is for responsibility. Don’t put all the pressure on yourself by making every single dish for Thanksgiving this year. Plan your meal potluck style and have each guest bring their own dish. That way, you still get all the credit for cooking anyway because you have the most important dish of all– the turkey. 

 S is for starving. Don’t make all of your guests starve and wait until 5PM for Thanksgiving dinner– this is how fights break out because everyone is getting HANGRY. Be sure to serve a few light appetizers throughout the day. 

 T is for turkey. What else did you honestly think we were going to say for this one?

 U is for unsportsmanlike conduct. Let’s keep this one strictly about watching the football game and not about arguments, okay?

 V is for vodka and spirits. Make a fun Thanksgiving twist on a Moscow Mule by adding a splash of cranberry juice to your vodka, ginger beer and lime. 

 W is for waiting (patiently). Again, if you didn’t help cook anything, then no whining! Wait patiently for those who have so graciously prepared this meal you are about to indulge in.

 X is for X-tras. Because who doesn’t want an extra helping and three different desserts on Thanksgiving day?

 Y is for the year of 2022.. Time for the sentiments. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Reflect on the year of 2022, the many blessings that you have and the people that are around you.

 Z is for zealous. If there was a time to be overly zealous about something, Thanksgiving day is one of those times! Enjoy delicious food, sip your favorite wine and seasonal cocktails, give thanks and enjoy the company around you. 


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