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2021 Durango Film Festival: The Sweetness of Film

2021 Durango Film Festival: The Sweetness of Film

Lights, camera, action! The Durango Independent Film Festival is back and ready to roll! The festival will begin on Wednesday, March 3rd 2021 and end on Friday, March 12th, 2021. That means NINE days of non-stop film screenings you won’t want to miss. The festival is the perfect opportunity to support local artists, as well as the independent filmmaking industry. Help us give praise to those who dedicate so much time and energy into creating art while using the big screen as their canvas. This is the ultimate platform for independent filmmakers to showcase what they are most passionate about-- film! 

Why this Festival is Iconic

Durango Independent Film Festival works hard to integrate the community with filmmakers. While working closely with the Four Corners Film Office, DIFF strives to showcase the diverse culture and the extraordinary lifestyle that Durango has to offer. There will be 112 awe-inspiring films presented that are categorized into eight different genres, making DIFF exclusively unlike any other in the area. So, whether this is your first year going to DIFF or your 16th, be sure to check out and support the independent filmmaking industry online; we promise these films will be nothing like Netflix top 10 picks of the week--they will actually be worth watching!

Not one, not two, but THREE ways to see the Festival 

Since 2020 rolling into 2021 has still left everyone in a frenzy, it is important to the Durango Independent Film Festival experts to keep folks happy and healthy. But, there is no way this festival would be canceled altogether. That’s why this year the DIFF will be streaming completely online. Check out the films featuring 14 different genres that are being screened here!

Ways to Watch:

  1. Virtual 5-Pack Pass- perfect for all the DIFF first-timers out there who may only have time to watch a few films in their busy lives
  2. Virtual Pass- a complete power pass for all the true film lovers who want to indulge in screen-making art and explore everything about the festival
  3. Individual Tickets- for those of us with commitment issues… you can buy one pass at a time for $15 per screening. These tickets will be available for purchasing right before the start of the festival


Hello Jitterbugs... Coffee Talk With the Filmmakers and Panel Discussions with the Professionals

Just because the world has gone completely nuts-o does not mean the Durango Independent Film Festival is going to leave any of the fun out. Be sure to hop on zoom for coffee talk with the filmmakers on Thursday, March 4th, Saturday, March 6th, Monday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 10th all starting at 9am! Be sure to visit DIFF’s website to view the zoom call links here. 

You can also check out the panels & workshops from professionals, Vic Browder, Marie McMaster, Carissa Mitchell and Liz Tuccillo for tips and tricks on life in the filmmaking industry.

The Panels and Workshops:

  • Saturday, March 7th at 11am will be a panel on From Script to Screen: Sex and the City. Liz Tuccillo will be discussing the tactics of turning a narrative into a screenplay.
  • Saturday, March 7th at 1pm will be a panel discussion of Central Casting: What it takes to be in pictures that will feature Talent Agent Carissa Mitchell, Casting Director Marie McMaster and acting coach and actor Vic Browder as they touch on how to be an actor in films in modern Hollywood.
  • Sunday, March 8th at 11am there will be a screenwriting workshop with Liz Tuccillo as she teaches how to turn in an idea into a story through craftsmanship processes


Don’t Forget About the PARTY!

Join everyone for happy hour on Zoom happening DAILY during the festival! You can have drinks with the filmmakers and the creators of DIFF from the comfort of your home by liking them on Facebook and joining their newsletter list.




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