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Burning Down the House

Burning Down the House

Since 2010, the owners of Seasons Rotisserie & Grill have hosted an annual fundraising event benefiting the hard work of Durango’s emergency responders. The special evening this Friday, February 22, organized as a “thank you” to the Durango Fire and Rescue/Durango Fire Protection District, is brought to life by both Seasons and the Hundred Club. Their mission is to support the families of emergency responders who have been seriously injured in the line of duty. According to their website, within 72 hours of death or serious injury of a public safety officer on duty, the Hundred Club provides financial support and resources to support the officers and their families. But how did Seasons get involved?

Remember the Downtown fire in 2008? Three buildings were suddenly set ablaze including Seasons in a matter of moments. Firefighters rushed to the scene, and while on the roof, an explosion rushed seven of them to Mercy Regional Medical Center. Ultimately, a total of nine firefighters were injured during this emergency response. While the fire was under control in five hours and the injured firefighters were in “fair” condition, the incident left many in shock. After a year Seasons reopened and in 2010, owners Karen and Wayne Barger launched their “Burning Down the House” event to show their gratitude for the firefighters who’d responded to the Downtown fire just two years prior.

In a news release, Karen mentions how Seasons is a literal Phoenix from the flames all thanks to the firefighters and emergency responders. “As we are reminded each year, we cannot do enough to help our firefighters and emergency personnel.” She goes on to mention how the annual Burning Down the House event is their way of thanking everyone who selflessly put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

The idea for the event came from Karen wanting to find ways to “give back to the community and celebrate all we’ve overcome.” She mentioned that Seasons has always been lucky enough to have strong community support, especially after the fire, and “any time we find a way to engage with the community, we do!”

She estimated they’ve raised thousands of dollars over the past nine years of hosting the event and they typically see around 150-200 locals attend each year. While the topic of the fundraiser can be quite heavy at times, she mentions they try to keep it light-hearted with the squirt gun fight. Yes, you read that right. All evening, there are mini fire extinguishers placed around the restaurant as decorations. “People start filling them up, and eventually the whole place is in a squirt gun fight.”

Want to support the cause and get involved? There are only a few reservations available, so book your table soon! The Burning Down the House event is this Friday, February 22nd and because space is limited, reservations are required. Keeping with the tradition, Seasons’ award-winning Executive Chef Dennis Morrisroe and his team will be creating a fire themed dinner for all attending. The menu will feature specialty creations with “smoky” and “spicy hot” flavors. Proceeds from both beverage and food sales will directly benefit the Hundred Club to help support first responders and their families. All Seasons team members, including kitchen and wait staff, will be donating their time during the event allowing for more proceeds to benefit the Hundred Cub.


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