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Our Picks for Snowdown Durango 2020

Editor's Choice: Snowdown Durango 2020

Your favorite winter party is back and ready to rock! Durango’s 42nd Annual Snowdown “cabin fever reliever” is jam packed full of events that you won’t want to miss. Even the truest rocker can’t make it to every event or be two places at once. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of our editor’s choices of events that you simply must participate in, whether you’re just watching or competing! Hold on tight because it’s going to be a busy four days and “it’s a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n’ roll!”

Sunday January 26

Opening Ceremony at Purgatory - 12:30-2pm

Alright now, let’s bring the beat in and bump it up! Snowdown 2020 is kicking it off this year with something new! Starting at 12:30, skiers at Purgatory Mountain Resort will ski down the hill in costume, passing the torch from 2019 to 2020 Snowdown! Join the kick off party and get excited for the week ahead that is full of non-stop rocker activities. 

All Week

Snowdown Search for the Silver Bullet

Through canyons and meadows across the county, the silver bullet is out there! Only a hard-core rockin’ adventurer will be up to the task! Best of luck to all you explorers out there, you might just need all the luck you can get to find this treasure. Entry is FREE and you must be 21+ to participate. 

Twisted System

Be the fastest, be intuitive, work alone, solve the puzzle, win the twisted system. Seems simple enough, right? Aerosmith might tell you to Dream On! We think you can solve it-- if you do you’ll become Durango’s top puzzler! Visit the Conundrum Escape Room to test yourself. This event is FREE and is open the entire week of Snowdown from 11am- 7pm. 

Wednesday January 29

A Snowdown Rockin Scavenger Hunt - 10am

Are you good at finding things in strange places? Grab a team of four and go on the scavenger hunt hosted by the Billy Goat Saloon in Gem Village. There are 100 items on the list of things to find. You must return with as many items as possible by Friday, the 31st! Don’t stop believin’, you got this!

Snowdown Fashion Do’s and Don’ts - 11:15am

Eat, meet, and have a drink! If you love rock n’ roll, don’t say it, strut it! After all, every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man. We want to see all of the leopard print, fur, and black leather just as much as you do, just remember this event is adult only, but not X-rated. Join us at the La Plata County Fairgrounds at 11:15 am! Tickets are $20/runway, $15/seated, and $6/standing room. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres available to those who have a seat! 

Lip Sync Contest - 8pm

Dance, perform, lip sync, win! Bring a group of friends or be a one-man-show! Just bring your A-game, that’s what we like about you. Dress up in your best costume and choreograph the perfect dance moves that will have all of us in shock of how well you know how to rock at El Rancho Tavern at 8 pm. The entry cost for this event is FREE and prizes will be given to first, second, and third place winners, as well as best overall and crowd favorite. Must be 21+

Mechanical Bullriding Contest - 8:30pm

Do you have what it takes to hang on for at least eight seconds? Incorporate style and great timing and you could probably ride a bull at the True West rodeo this summer! For now, maybe just stick with the mechanical bulls-- the fall is padded. Rock out with a little country flare at the Wild Horse Saloon! After all, it's the honky tonk women that gave The Stones the honky tonk blues.This event starts at 8:30pm, entry cost is $5 and you must be 18+ to attend. 

Thursday January 30

Hot Wing Eating Contest - 4pm

Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it-- as long as you want to eat really hot chicken wings and you can handle the heat! Show how rock n’ roll you are and eat your way to free wings for up to a year! Cuckoo’s Chicken House is hosting a chicken wing eating contest next door to the restaurant at Animas City Theatre. There are only 20 entries available! You can sign up 15 minutes before the event at 4pm or pre registration is available starting on Wednesday, January 22. The entry fee is $8. 

Champagne Pong - 7pm

The DoubleTree is going full classy this Snowdown with champagne pong! Who doesn’t want to celebrate Durango’s favorite winter party with a nice bottle of bubbly?  It’s the perfect start to your night. Bring your leopard print and leather and take the competition right into the danger zone at the DoubleTree at the Animas River Lounge at 7pm. The entry cost is $10 and you must be 21+

Snowdown Beard Growing Competition - 8pm

The boys are back in town! Beard racing commenced in November as competitors showed up all baby faced at Carvers Brewing! Go see what they look like all grown out, scruffy and ruggedly handsome. After the winner of the “beard race” is announced, there will be other hilarious beard challenges to follow that you won’t want to miss. Join us over at Carvers Brewing Co. at 8pm. Entry cost is FREE.

Pick Up Line Contest - 9pm

We all have heard them-- but is there possibly one pick up line out there that is the one and only that could win someone over, guaranteed, every time? It has to be a little more creative than saying, “Hey there, pour some sugar on me!” If you have it in mind, share it at the Animas City Theatre at 9PM! The event is FREE. 

Friday January 31

Service Industry Scramble - 2pm

Come on over to Steamworks Brewing Co. at 2pm  and celebrate all those who work in the service industry! If you’re a server, you may compete with a team for a chance to win a keg of Steamworks beer! This event challenges all you servers out there who have to hustle and bustle in order to get the job done. An elaborate obstacle course will be set up in the ally way outside of the Steamworks building! Whether you’re competing or not, this event is sure to be nothing but entertaining. Entry cost is FREE, but you must enter 30 minutes prior to the event.

Super Sexy Rock N Roll Car Wash - 3pm

Channel your inner Black Betty and go a little wild at this event. Only those that can withstand the cold should participate! You’ll be washing a classic car for up to one minute with only your sexiest moves. This event is scheduled for Friday at 3pm at 11th Street Station, whether it’s snowing or shining! The entry fee for this event is FREE! 

Bed Races - 4pm

Snowdown is nothing less than creative when coming up with the best events to not only participate in, but also to simply enjoy seeing. Who knew pushing a mattress down the street would be one of the most popular annual events of Snowdown? This event is closed for entry, but it has to be the most entertaining to watch! Join us in the center of main street at 4pm and watch as the races begin both to the south and to the north! Make sure to be in full costume, the Light Parade will start immediately after the races finish! 

The Annual Snowdown Light Parade - 6pm / Dusk

This parade is one you don’t want to miss! It is the only nighttime parade in Durango and the rockin’ floats are sure to light up the entire town. The parade will be on Main from College Drive to 12th Street. Bundle up and bring a hot beverage because this parade starts around 6pm /dusk and temperatures tend to drop. You might be a little cold, but that rock n’ roll will be sure to soothe your soul!

Saturday February 1

Snowdown Chili Cook-Off - 12-2pm

Everyone’s working for the weekend and it is finally here! It’s the event we’ve all been waiting for-- the infamous Snowdown chili cook off! Red chili, green chili, veggie chili, salsa-- and, did we mention chili? What is more rock n’ roll than that? 50 cent samples will be available to the public and doors will open at noon at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. 

Snowdown Bloody Mary Contest - 12-2pm

We have a whole lot of love for bloody mary’s! Collaborating with the chili cook-off is the bloody mary contest! Samples will be available for $1 each to the public. Bring your costumes and of course your taste buds. This event will be held at the La Plata County Fairgrounds at the Exhibition Hall.

Snowdown Follies - 7:30pm

If you missed the follies on Friday, don’t worry there are two more opportunities on Saturday at 7:30pm and 10pm on Saturday! Tickets are sold out, but there is the option of viewing the follies on live video cast aired at the Animas City Theatre. Watch the most entertaining show of the year with local satire and commentary. You might feel like you’re going off the rails on a crazy train, but it’s rock n’ roll! 

Rock and Roll Costume Gala  - 11pm

There’s nothin’ to lose and nothin’ to prove-- just dancin’ with myself! If all you want to do is rock out and dance then Derailed Pour House is the spot for you on Saturday night! Wear your best costume, bring a partner, or don’t! Prizes will be given to solo dancers and partnered dancers. It’s bound to be a seemingly endless night of fun! This event starts at 11pm and the entry cost is FREE. 

Sunday February 2

Snowdown Balloon Rally and Mass Ascension - 8am

Fun for the whole family! Dress warm, have blankets and bring your hot beverages because this event starts at 8am at Animas Valley Elem. School. Watch all the radiant colored balloons ascend as they are kissed by the frosty winter air. 

Snowdown Slowdown Superbowl 54 Party - 2pm

We know that you have rocked and rolled all night and partied every day for the past four days-- time to unwind! Derailed Pour House has the best spot to watch the Superbowl in town if you just aren’t feeling up to hosting your own party this year. We get it- rockin’ and rollin’ can be exhausting. The game starts at 2pm!


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