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Roll Your Own Way: Clean Commute Week 2018

Roll Your Own Way: Clean Commute Week 2018

This Wednesday, June 20 kicks off the 9th Annual Clean Commute Week in Durango, CO. According to the event’s organizers, the City of Durango, it’s all about encouraging “citizens to get out of their single-occupant vehicle and try a more sustainable mode of transportation by commuting via public transportation, carpooling, walking, and bicycling.” It’s the perfect week to shake up your normal routines by switching up how you get to and from work.

There are a heap of activities taking place this year, including the Summer Business Commuter Challenge. It’s a week long opportunity to challenge your fellow coworkers to commute clean from Wednesday, June 20 through Wednesday, June 28. It’s a chance to engage in a little friendly competition and see who among our local businesses can walk, bike, bus or carpool the most. There are some perks to participating in Clean Commute Week, other than the genuine satisfaction that you are supporting sustainable transportation. On June 27th, stop by either Animas Chocolate Co. or Mercy Regional Medical Center to receive a free t-shirt, snacks, breakfast food, coffee and tea in honor of Clean Commute Week. You can also enter to win raffle prizes from our local sponsors of the event. For a full schedule of events, click here.    


ROLL ebike and Clean Commute Week

ROLL ebike and Clean Commute W

Getting around town just got a whole lot easier! This week, our favorite solar powered start-up, ROLL door-to-door electric ebike rental, will be one of the many sponsors for the event. Throughout the week, riders can enjoy educational events to learn about a more sustainable, cost effective, fun way to travel to and fro.

Roll initially got involved with the event as a sponsor for the “Engage with Your City! Community Forum,” which will take place on June 25th from 5-7PM at Carver Brewing Company. While Roll is a start-up business, and every penny counts, they are dedicated to inspiring the community with events such as this.

“We wanted to sponsor Clean Commute Week because the event embodies what we stand for as a conscious business,” Claire Attkisson, owner of Roll said.

As a solar-powered electric bike company, their mission is to inspire both locals and tourists alike to ditch their cars for alternative, clean transportation options, such as their ebikes and ecruisers, for work and play. Catch their specials for Clean Commute Week before they’re gone! They’ll be offering 7-day rentals for just $200, a savings of nearly $75 to encourage more folks to commit to the goal of Clean Commute Week. The best part? Their ebikes are for everyone!

When you rent with Roll, they deliver the bikes right to you and give a brief tutorial on how to use them (helmets are still a good idea). The very nature of an electric bike can soften the physical exertion associated with a pedal bike. Plus, it’s really fun.

For Roll members, renting an ebike for the day is just $25, and Attkisson is working towards making clean commuting a “social norm” of Durango, not just part of a one week event. Her goal is to partner with local businesses and encourage companies to reimburse their staff as part of a wellness program that can benefit the whole community.

“Many companies reimburse for gym memberships, why not ebikes? Scaling Clean Commute Week to every week is where we're going to see habits, hearts and habitats change for the better,” Attkisson said.


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