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Snowdown in Durango 2023: Editor's Picks

Our favorite winter party is back and bigger and better than ever! A Shakespearean Snowdown 2023 will officially commence on Friday, January 27th and end on Sunday, February 5th. That's over a whole week of events that you can participate in! We know that taking a whole week off of work is not possible for some of us locals, that's why we've compiled a list of events that we think you simply won't want to miss out on. There are plenty of annual events happening again this year like the Follies and the Snowdown Light Parade, but there are also a ton of new ones that will help you get your Shakespeare theme on. There are SO many events this year that this list we’ve made may seem a bit overwhelming for some. A you’re scrolling through, look for the SNOWDOWN 2023 logo next to the event titles. These are the events that you simply cannot miss- no matter what you have going on that day. If you happen to see our 360Durango logo next to an event title, that means OUR team is going to the event and we'll be live on Instagram. As always, as you’re celebrating the ultimate cabin fever reliever party like a true Durango local, be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram and use our hashtag, #dodurango, to be featured. We want to see what the perfect Snowdown winter party looks like to you!







Snowdown 2023 - Hunt for the Silver Bullet  Tis’ the 24th year and we challenge all thee loyal subjects of the SNOWDOWN realm to find the “Silver Bullet!” somewh're out there amongst the cliffs and canyons, mountains and meadows of La Plata County, the Silver Bullet shall be’est hidden. Findeth the Silver Bullet bef ’re anyone else and bee’st the winner of $250 cash, glory and other wonderful prizes! Listen to KIQX Radio 101.3 & KRSJ Radio 100.5 ev’ry day starting Monday Jan 30, for clues to be released to help thee searcheth. Thee must be’eth creative and cunning in thy solution of these clues to find this illusive Silver Bullet and claim your veritable plethora of prizes. Take heed, there is no second place in this contest…th’re is only one Silver Bullet! Registration is not required but thee must be 21+ to win. Entry Cost: FREE Prizes: Bounty! Bragging rights! Treasure!


 44th Annual Bartenders Contest @ The Starlight Lounge @ 5PM - Hide not thy poison with such sugar’d words…The Official SNOWDOWN 2023 Cocktail is chosen during this annual event. All cocktails will be judged on presentation and taste. You don’t have to be a bartender to enter, but you must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE  PRIZES: 1ST - $75, 2ND- $50, 3RD- $25 bar tabs

Mid-winter Night’s Dream Beer Dinner @ Carver Brewing Co @ 7:30PM - Mid-Winter Night's Dream; a feast for King and Queens. Commence the starteth of SNOWDOWN with an egregious Royal Banquet. Savor amuse- bouche and a multi-course house-crafted food and beer pairings. Cheers: "eat and drink as friends" FRIDAY and SATURDAY seating at 5 PM and 7:30 PM. MUST BE 21+ ENTRY COST: $65 per person

Snowdown Follies @ Durango Arts Center Theatre @ 7PM AND 10PM - What light through the yonder window breaks? Tis the SNOWDOWN Follies - returning for the 40th year of entertainment with your favorite bards, showbiz personalities and local commentary. This notoriously irreverent event has a cash bar and performs both weekends of SNOWDOWN to allow as many people as possible to experience the fun and laughter the SNOWDOWN Follies provides! Ticket purchases limited to four per person. The show is performed by an all-volunteer cast and crew. Secret box office is Saturday, Jan 14 at 6 AM. Radio stations KIQX, KRSJ and KIUP will announce over the air the clues to the secret locations where SNOWDOWN Follies enthusiasts can line up to obtain coupons for the purchase of SNOWDOWN Follies tickets at the Elk's Lodge, (9th St entrance). Also, there is a ticket marketplace at the Bank of the San Juans, 144 E 8th. The highest bidder will be able to purchase 12 tickets (sold in lots of 4). Bidding begins Tuesday, Jan 17 and continues for 4 days. If not sold out, bidding will extend to Jan 30. Bids will be received in person only at 144 E 8th St. No telephone calls.This is adult entertainment. Must be 18+ ENTRY COST: $25


Crokinole Tournament @ The Union Social House @ 6:30PM - Out you detested parasites...Out you baggage! Crokinole is a Canadian board game of dexterity. Come learn the game played on beautiful wooden boards. Simple to learn, difficult to master, it has elements of shuffleboard and billiards. Beginners welcome. If you own your own board, please bring it. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: FREE PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD


  Opening Ceremony @ Purgatory Resort @ 1pm

Hosted by Purgatory Resort. Start your SNOWDOWN celebration with a pre-party opening ceremony! There will be a Ski Parade down the "Hill" to pass the SNOWDOWN torch from 2022 to now. Come ski in costume and you can join the parade! Meet at the 6 pack lift at 1 PM for the ride up and ski down to follow the torch. The torch will light the opening flame and the 2024 THEME WINNER will be announced! All ages welcome!


The Follies Gala @ Durango Arts Center @ 8PM - What light through the yonder window breaks? It's the Follies Grand Gala Performance- returning for the 40th year of entertainment with your favorite bards, showbiz personalities and local commentary. To purchase tickets for this event, you must place your name on the Official Gala Wait List, created on April 1, 1997 and wait many, many, many years for the opportunity to purchase tickets. This adult is entertainment. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: $75 per person


 Fashion Shall and Shall Nots @ The La Plata County Fairgrounds @ 11AM - Maids and Maidens, don your kirtles, cloaks and bodices and ride your chariots to the Snowdown Fashion Dos and Don'ts! Enjoy watching the costumed lads and lasses parade down a runway to Shakespearean music and an MC. All the worlds a stage and the men and women merely players. So come and play with us! Prizes for guests in costume are given out prior to the beginning of the Fashion Show in categories that can change according to the theme and judges. Prizes are usually given for most creative, best individual, best group etc. The Fairground Exhibit Hall is decorated to theme, a luncheon is included (perhaps squab or witches stew), and a cash bar with plenty of grog will be available. The event will be filmed and available for purchase as well as shown as its own event on Saturday and Sunday. No children/infants or pets allowed. This is adult entertainment! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $25 for runway, $20 seated and $10 standing room only - PRIZES: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

 Snowdown Scavenger Hunt @ The Billy Goat Saloon @ 12PM - Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Teams of 4 shall use their wit to scour thine kingdom and county and find as many of the 100 items on the list as magically possible. Pick up list between NOON and 8 PM at the Billy Goat. All items shall fit into one City of Durango blue recycling box. The team who returns with the most items from the list to the Billy Goat by Friday at 10 AM shall be the reigning champs of the fiefdom. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $20 per team of 4 - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

 Keg Cap Frisbee Golf @ The Balcony Bar & Grill @ 2pm - Golf - upon my soul, a wicked lie! Test ye old mastery at using keg caps as frisbees! Thou shall be tossing keg caps as frisbees into a goal. Don a costume for good fortune. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Art Thou Local? @ Animas Chocolate & Coffee Co @ 2PM - In partnership with the Animas Museum and a gaggle of longtime Durango locals, enjoy a Trivia Night/contest testing your local trivia knowledge about Durango, to find out How Local Art Thou? or are ye just LOCO? ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

 Dauntless Lego Walk @ 11th Street Station @ 4PM - Lifes but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. Test your feet of strength! Compete in this timed trial race barefoot to prove ye have the strongest feet in the kingdom! Come one, come all ye Kings and Queens and lads and lasses to race, walk or crawl your way across a medley of Legos for the win! Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Family Feud @ Anarchy Brewing @ 4PM - Come Montagues and Capulets to a classic game of Family Feud! We asked the good people of Durango the most pressing questions of today, and can ye guess their answers? 8 teams of 4 battle it out for the right to say We know what Durangoans are thinking and a prize for the victors! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $20 - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Hot Wing Eating Contest @ Animas City Theatre @ 4PM - Hosted by Cuckoo's Chicken House. Lust like a glutton dies! HOT wings-- and we mean HOT. Can thou handle the heat? That is the question! Limited to the first 20 entries. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: $10 - PRIZES: 1st - 1 FREE pound of wings every month for 12 months, 2nd - 1 FREE pound of wings a month for 6 Months, 3rd - Cuckoo's T-shirt as well as prizes provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Bicycle Roller Races @ Zia Taqueria @ 5PM - The wheel has come full circle Head-to-head racers on a stationary roller bike. The person who goes the farthest in 15 minutes wins. Contestants shall provide their own bike - with 700C front wheels. Racing starts at 5 PM with the last race at 8:30 PM. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Frisbee Olympics @ Carver Brewing Co @ 5:30PM - Joineth frisbee mayhem and may you be crowned as the most wondrous disc flyethr in all of the land! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Scotch Double Billiards @ The Garage @ 6PM - To play billiards well is a sign of ill spent youth. Teams of two will play head-to-head in this double elimination 8-ball tournament alternating shots after every made ball. Cash prizes will be awarded. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $20 - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

 Snowdown Double Darts @ The Union Social House @ 6PM - Bring thou partner or choose another single reveler to join your team. First 10 teams guaranteed. There will be a waitlist for additional participants. Top 5 teams will compete in an Around the World Tournament. Costumes will help thee cause. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: FREE -  ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Chancellor’s Official Butt Dart Tragedy @ 11th Street Station @ 7PM - A SNOWDOWN sonnet based on the classic party game “quarters.” Teams of 4 shall compete against each other in a tournament style bracket, for the coveted “Golden Ass” Trophy. So get thine golden asses down here to compete! Limited to 16 teams. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE -  ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Snowdown Lip Sync Contest @ El Rancho Tavern @ 8PM - Give some lip service to this lip sync contest and win the audience with your performance. Solo or Group Acts allowed. Judging based on best performance and crowd favorite! Dance party to follow! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD and best overall crowd favorite

 44th Annual Snowdown Jokedown @ Derailed Pour House @ 8:30PM - Surely you jest! An original SNOWDOWN tradition, this hilarious event is LIVE! And may thine jests be funny! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: CASH PRIZES for BEST JOKE & STAND UP ROUTINE


Big Wheel Derby AKA Tiny Bike @ The Balcony Bar & Grill @ 2PM

“for I will ride, as far as land will let me” Rideth a tiny bike around our loop upstairs. Best time wins! Must wear a helmet and be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: 60 MINUTES BEFORE EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Name That Tune @ 8th Ave Tav @ 4PM

“When words fail, music speaks.” Individuals or group teams art welcome to this event. Three 20 second snippets of songs wilt be played. Each team wilt then be asked to name the title of the song and the artist, with each correct answer worth 1 point. Every 5th song or so the teams wilt hath an opportunity to earn bonus points by naming the year the song came out! Most points wins! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES!

  Cocktails for Conservation @ Durango Main Mall @ 4:30PM

Join us in celebrating 31 years of La Plata Open Space Conservancy at our annual Snowdown fundraiser! Cocktails for Conservation is a lively, elegant event featuring exceptional wines, fine foods, local brews, and a silent auction. Enjoy locally crafted spirit and chocolate pairings nestled in the Durango Main Malls fabulous downtown location. All proceeds from this popular event support LPOSCs work conserving cherished landscapes and natural resources in our community. Buy your tickets for the VIP gathering from 4:30-5:30 PM - VIP attendees will enjoy a special craft spirit and chocolate pairing. Space is limited, reserve your spot today! ENTRY COST: $75 -$100 - GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

He Who Sups with the Devil Should Have a Long Spoons Tournament @ The Union Social House @ 5PM

“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.” Calling all Midwestern Revelers to the game of the region. Join us in a masterful night of rowdy spoons as we battle for the coveted spoon crown. Ten tables will play elimination style for 4 rounds until the final round when the monarch wilt be’est crowned. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES!

Taming of the Giant Janga @ Starlight Lounge @ 5:30PM

“What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build it anyway.” Jenga! Jenga! Jenga! ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST- $50, 2ND- $25 BAR TABS, 3RD- FREE DRINK

  Snowdown Beer Trivia @ Carver Brewing Co @ 5:30PM

“For a quart of ale is a dish for a king.” So thee think thee can drinketh? Cometh test thy knowledge 'gainst the Brewmaster. Form a team of four and test thy palate to winneth beer and more. No outside food or drinks. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $40 PER TEAM - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST- 5 GALLON KEG FOR EACH TEAM MEMBER, 2ND- 6 PACK FOR EACH TEAM MEMBER, 3RD- GIFT CARDS AND CARVER’S SWAG!

 Champagne Pong @ The Doubletree @ 6PM

“Drink provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.” Teams of 2 wilt compete in a single elimination tournament of Champagne Pong. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $10 per team - ENTRY DEADLINE: 15 minutes before event - PRIZES: Provided by Breckenridge Brewery

Classic as you Like it Game Night @ 11th Street Station @ 6PM

“You can’t lose a game if you don’t play the game”. Join us for a tournament style night of thy favorite games. Join one, or all, starting at 6 PM, with a new game on the hour, every hour. 6 PM Connect Four, 7 PM Yahtzee, 8 PM Quarters and 9 PM Operation. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST AND 2ND PLACE WINNERS FOR ALL GAMES

Snowdown Beer Pong @ The Garage @ 6PM

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.” Teams of two wilt square off in this double elimination tournament played with traditional beer pong rules. This is a 64-team bracket and teams should sign up early, this event fills up! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $20 - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES!

 Ye Olde Trivia @ The Powerhouse Science Center @ 6:30PM

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." Gather thine mates and hither thee down for Powerhouse trivia. Four rounds of trivia questions, always including a science and music round. Bar opens with pints of ale and spirits for all kinds of revelry. All ages Welcome! ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND and BEST DRESSED TEAM

Drunken Dictionary @ EsoTerra Ciderworks @ 7PM

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." Ever use a big word? Methinks thou might not know what they mean! Join Eso Terra Ciderworks and a panel of local judges to see if you actually knoweth what yond vocabulary ye art using means. This Shakespearethemed contest wilt get thou a large cider pour of your choice, before we sendeth thee up on stage, spelling bee elimination round style. We wilt giveth each contestant a word and thee telleth us what ‘t means. Our judges and the crowd wilt decide how close ye art. We wilt giveth thee a chance to convince those folk of your wit and knowledge. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $7 PARTICIPANTS, FREE FOR SPECTATORS - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES!

Drag Race and Fashion Show @ El Rancho Tavern @ 8PM

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Cometh strut thy stuff! Dress in thy most wondrous King or Queen of the Drag. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: 60 MINUTES BEFORE EVENT - PRIZES: BEST QUEEN, BEST KING AND OVERALL FAVORITE

 Snowdown Follies Gala Premier Performance @ Durango Arts Center @ 8PM

What light through the yonder window breaks? It's the Follies Grand Gala Performance- returning for the 40th year of entertainment with your favorite bards, showbiz personalities and local commentary. To purchase tickets for this event, you must place your name on the Official Gala Wait List, created on April 1, 1997 and wait many, many, many years for the opportunity to purchase tickets. This adult is entertainment. Visit www.snowdownfollies.org for complete details. Must be 18+. ENTRY COST: $75

Knight Fight Night @ Animas City Theatre @ 8PM

Off with his head! Animas Armored Combat Knight Fight. Live and in person! Representatives from some of your favorite locar bars and breweries compete in armor for their first time against each other with a big prize for the winners. Professional fighters will also be doing MMA style fights in medieval armor. Hard hitting and adrenaline pumping. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $20 TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE - ENTRY DEADLINE: DAY OF EVENT

Pick Up Line Contest @ The Roost @ 8:30PM

“He that loves to be flattered is worthy o’the flatterer.” Are you a Romeo in search of your Juliet? How would thou earn thou lady’s affection? Test thy most wondrous pickup lines ere a live audience! A panel of knowledgeable judges wilt determine if ‘t be true thee hath’t what ‘t doth take to woo the fair maiden. Must be 21+.ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST, 2ND & 3RD

Karaoke Competition @ 8th Ave Tav @ 10PM

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great. And others have greatness thrust upon them.” Cometh show off thy musical prowess at the Tavern! Performers wilt be given points based on vocalization, performance and showmanship. If you win 1st place, you are ineligible to participate in the contest any of the other nights. The karaoke contest wilt be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday. T’will be nights most memorable! Must be 21+



 Snowdown Tournament & Renaissance Fair @ Ska Brewing Co @ 1PM- A Renaissance Fair with real steel armored combat, blacksmith, fire performers, craftsmen, food, Medieval tents, historical reenactments and a tavern run by Steamworks and SKA! “How stands the hour?” It is time to get your armor on and have a great time. All ages welcome. See also Saturday 12 NOON. ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES!

Skyhawk Scavenger Hunt @ FLC Clocktower @ 1PM - And this our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.” In this scavenger hunt on campus at FLC, there will be a list of clues given to FLC students who will then look for the items around campus. Based on time and number of artifacts collected, prizes will be distributed to the top finishers. Must be a Fort Lewis College student. ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES!

 Super Sexy Car Wash @ 11th Street Station @ 2PM - Your only job is to shine and sparkle while you suds up! Use your best playwright skills to show us all your theatrical talents while getting all soapy, sudsy and wet while washing a classic car for 2 minutes to the song of your choice! “The eyes are the window to your soul.” Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - ENTRY DEADLINE: TIME OF EVENT - PRIZES: 1ST- $350, 2ND-$150, 3RD- $50

Tallywacker on the Garden @ Carver Brewing Co @ 2PM - “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Can thee swingeth thy hips to maketh the ball through the obstacle course? Testeth thy arts 'gainst knights, Lady Macbeth, the three witches, and Yorick's skeleton on the Beer Garden upon Main. No outside food or drinks. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES: BEER, GIFT CARDS, SWAG

Bobbeth the Apple Gauntlet @ EsoTerra Ciderworks @ 3PM - Have you ever been “air bobbing” for apples? No?!? Well, look no further! Join Eso Terra Ciderworks downtown while you wait for the SNOWDOWN Light Parade in this never before seen, Covid-safe apple bobbling gauntlet. This event is FREE and you can stop by anytime between 3 PM and the start of the SNOWDOWN Light Parade! There will be a scoreboard tracking top times and a prize for the fastest bobber! ENTRY COST: FREE

 Chili Cookoff & Bloody Mary Pre-Sale Tickets @ The Garage @ 4PM - "Delays have dangerous ends." You can avoid long lines and get your tickets early. "what 's done is done." Now you have your tickets go and enjoy the SNOWDOWN Light Parade. For tomorrow we eat chili and drink a Bloody Mary! ENTRY COST: $.50 - CHILI TICKET, $1 - BLOODY MARY TICKET

  Annual Snowdown Light Parade @ Downtown Durango @ 6PM - Hosted by Purgatory Resort. Let there be light Durango! It’s Durango’s only nighttime light parade where light emblazoned floats create a dazzling delight in Durango’s most spectacular procession along Main Avenue. Anyone who is anyone comes out to see the lads and lasses and maids and maidens display their timeless creativity on lighted floats. Come get lit with us and share in the revelry while floats compete for trophies in 10 categories with special emphasis on lights and theme. Don't forget to bring your best renaissance costume - enjoy the parade! (Parade Contestant) Entry Cost: $100 per entry - Entry Deadline: 5 PM FRIDAY Feb 3rd or when parade roster is full

 Annual Snowdown Costume Ball @ Durango Main Mall @ 7:15PM - Hosted by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and American General Media. Join us for the 4th Annual Post Parade Main Mall Ball. “If music be the food of love, play on.” Featuring live music from the Hill Stompers, brought to you by 99x/92.9 the Point, the SNOWDOWN Light Parade winners and Durango Balloon prize drop.  ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES!


How well do you know y(our) wine? @ Four Leaves Winery @ 12PM - Come in anytime between 12 NOON and 7 PM and receive 4 samples of wine. If you can correctly identify 3 of the 4 samples using our description menu, you win a coupon for a FREE glass of wine. If you can correctly identify all 4, you win a FREE bottle of wine! Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: $7

Snowdown Limbo @ Gazpacho New Mexican Restaurant @ 1:30PM - Hosted by Lou's Bed & Breakfast. O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low? Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure? How lowly and go-ly? Be crowned the lowliest and the winning shall be yours! ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES! 

Snowdown Outhouse Stuffing @ Gazpacho New Mexican Restaurant @ 2PM - The cannons have their bowels full of wrath, and ready mounted are they to spit forth, Their iron indignation gainst your walls. A stench like no other nor foul smell shall be! Bring your friends for a fitting-in-the-privy experience that will bring you closer than you ever wanted to be for an entire 10 seconds. Must be 21+. ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES!

Whip Cream Beard Contest @ Animas Chocolate & Coffee Co @ 2PM - When the hurly-burlys done, when the battles lost and won. Two person teams compete to see who can create the best "Beard" using whip cream and ACC's standard drink decorating condiments (chocolate shavings, sprinkles, etc.). Timed event with the judges deciding the best team from each round with one team, the triumphant winner. ENTRY COST: FREE - PRIZES!

Bloody Mary Contest & Chili Cook-off  @ La Plata County Fairgrounds - ALL DAY EVENT - There's nothing quite like a good ole fashioned chili cook off -- especially when paired with a bloody mary contest. Sign me up! Chili Cooks: 7:00AM 2:00PM Bloody Mary Contestants: 7:00AM 2:00PM Open to the public for Samples: Noon 2:00 PM Entry Cost: FREE for contestants, samples 50 cents - Entry Deadline: 7 AM Day of event. - Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd each category


 La Plata County Search and Rescue Pancake Breakfast & Silent Auction @ La Plata County Fairgrounds @ 7AM - Come taste the milk of human kindness and support Search & Rescue! Durango's tower of strength and heart of gold. All you can eat pancakes, ham, eggs, coffee and juice! Come to our breakfast and well come to your rescue! All ages welcome! Entry Cost: $10 Adults, $6 Children (7-12), Under 6 FREE



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