; Snowdown in Durango 2023: Kid Friendly Events
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Snowdown in Durango 2023: Kid Friendly Events

Snowdown in Durango 2023: Kid Friendly Events

As we all know, Snowdown in Durango, Colorado is the BIGGEST winter party of the year. They don’t call it the ultimate cabin fever reliever party for no reason. Although it may seem like all of the events for Snowdown are adult only, or 21+, there are plenty of events that are 100% family friendly that you can bring your kiddos to! Instead of trying to read through the official Snowdown pamphlet to try to find which stellar events to participate in, check this out instead! As always, be sure to give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram and use our hashtag, #dodurango, to be featured on our page. We want to see what the perfect family friendly Snowdown of 2023 looks like to YOU!






Shakespeare Library Scavenger Hunt @ The Durango Public Library - ALL DAY EVENT - Shakespeare hast taken over the library, cometh all ages. Clues have been fiendishly and cleverly hidden all over the building. Test your wits whether a novice or an expert on the Bard. Collect your instructions from the front desk any timeth all week long. Completed quests will be entered in a drawing for a most wondrous Shakespearean Prize Basket!


Shakespeare Escape Room @ The Durango Public Library @ 10AM - To slightly misquote the bard, "We bid you to escape and strive with things impossible." Test your puzzle-solving skills as you work to beat the clock in our Shakespeare themed Escape Room at the library! This event is free and open to teens and adults. Space is limited, registration required; sign up on our website www.durangogov.org/library. Must be 12+.

Flying Paper Airplanes @ Office Depot @ 2PM - Make, decorate and fly your own paper airplane the farthest. See how far you can throw your plane within our course boundaries. All materials will be supplied by OFFICE DEPOT. (Note: No outside materials such as premade or folded paper planes, tape, paper clips, weights, glue, attachments, plane launchers, etc are NOT permitted.) Each contestant will make/decorate/ throw their own plane. There will be two age groups (Group-A: grades 1-6 & Group-B: grades 7-12) and both age groups will compete at the same time. 1st place prizes per group will be awarded in each age group plus prizes for contestants. An Adult must accompany all contestants and a parent signed permission form is required for all participants. Grades 1-12.


Opening Ceremony @ Purgatory Ski Resort @ 1PM - Hosted by Purgatory Resort. Start your SNOWDOWN celebration with a pre-party opening ceremony! There will be a Ski Parade down the "Hill" to pass the SNOWDOWN torch from 2022 to now. Come ski in costume and you can join the parade! Meet at the 6 pack lift at 1 PM for the ride up and ski down to follow the torch. The torch will light the opening flame and the 2024 THEME WINNER will be announced! All ages welcome!


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Fairy Cosplay DIY @ The Durango Public Library @ 4PM - To Sleep perchance to dream! Let thine creative juices flow as you create your own twisted, floral fairy crown or a set of mischievous horns and a magical wand to accompany your headwear and join in the cosplay fun of SNOWDOWN! For tweens and teens.

DIY Elizabethan Ruff Craft @ The Durango Public Library @ 4PM - Every Shakespearean costume needs the signature ruffled collar. Come craft thine own version made from upcycled old books! Or make a decorative ruff for your dog, or cat (or newt..) with our pet version of the craft. All supplies are included.

Bard Off @ Stimulus Coffee House in the Main Mall @ 4PM - First annual Bard Off! Come and be a Bard D Wrangler! Contestants will have one minute to perform a unique acapella song, dance, poem, musical composition or any combination of the above. Guitar, Ukulele and Piano will be available for use. Audience will judge the contestants, limited to 25 performers. All ages welcome!

Spellebration @ The Gaslight Theatre @ 5:30PM - Spelling BEE or not to BEE? Get thee to a nounary! Showcase your Shakespearean spelling skills in our Spellabration event! Teams of 3 will compete in this fun, adult spelling bee with cocktails and costumes. Eliminated teams will have a chance to buy their way back into the fun! Rocking prizes for the winning teams! Who will be crowned the Shakespearean Spelling Champion of 2023?! All ages, family friendly.

The Taming of the Pinball @ Jbo’s Pizza @ 6:30PM - This is an international Flipper Pinball Association sanctioned pinball tournament. It shall be a seven strike knockout format. Ye olde players shall play against three other players and shall be given strikes as a Progressive Strike Knockout (0 Strikes for 1st, 1 strike for 2nd, 2 strikes for 3rd, 3 strikes for 4th). The last player standing is the champion. Dost thou have the balls for this game? Calling all ages and skill levels!


Shakespeare Button Making @ The Durango Public Library @ 4PM - “We know what we are, but know not what we may be” Deck thee out in some Shakespearian flair. Maketh button pins using our designs or create thy own. A fun, quick craft event for all ages!

Snowdown Jr King and Queen Contest @ Best Western Plus Rio Grande Inn @ 4:30PM - “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Hosted by McDonald's and Best Western Rio Grande Inn. This is one for the 7-to-10-year-olds from Durango grade schools! Winning royalty wilt ride in the SNOWDOWN Light Parade Friday night! All ages are welcome to attend the final selection of SNOWDOWN's Junior King and Queen competition at the Best Western Rio Grande Inn to cheer for their schools' selection.

Snowdown Tie Down - Fly Tying Contest @ San Juan Angler @ 5PM - To tie or not to tie, that is the question! Fly Tying Contest. Most creative flies in 3 categories, (SM, MD, LG) with materials provided. Fly tying knowledge not required. If you have any fly tying tools and/or equipment, please bring. We have limited equipment and wilt need to work in stages. All ages welcome.

Dodgeball @ Durango Rec Center @ 5:30PM - Boldness my friend.” Hosted by Ignacio Youth Services. This all-purenatural adrenaline event also increases dopamine levels naturally and raises money for awesome after-school, outdoor adventure positive youth development programs in Ignacio. Must be 16+.

Ye Ol Fry Fortess Contest @ Backcountry Gourmet/11th Street Station @ 6PM - “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” Thou wilt use uncooked French fries to buildeth the most wondrous castle in just 15 minutes. The castles wilt be’est judged and the winners delared. All ages welcome!

Mid Snowdown Night’s Pinball Dream @ The Garage @ 6:30PM - “I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” This is an International Flipper Pinball Association sanctioned pinball tournament. It will be a seven strike Knockout format. Players will play against three other players and will be given strikes as a Progressive strike knockout (0 strikes for 1st, 1 strike for 2nd, 2 strikes for 3rd, 3 strikes for 4th). The last player standing is the winner. All ages and all skill levels welcome!

Ye Olde Trivia @ The Powerhouse @ 6:30PM - "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." Gather thine mates and hither thee down for Powerhouse trivia. Four rounds of trivia questions, always including a science and music round. Bar open with pints of ale and spirits for all kinds of revelry. All ages welcome!


Snowdown Tournament & Renaissance Fair @ Durango Transit Center @ 1PM - A Renaissance Fair with real steel armored combat, blacksmith, fire performers, craftsmen, food, Medieval tents, historical reenactments and a tavern run by Steamworks and SKA! “How stands the hour?” It is time to get your armor on and have a great time. All ages welcome. See also Saturday 12 NOON.

Bobbeth the Apple Gauntlet @ EsoTerra Ciderworks @ 3PM - Have you ever been “air bobbing” for apples? No?!? Well, look no further! Join Eso Terra Ciderworks downtown while you wait for the SNOWDOWN Light Parade in this never before seen, Covid-safe apple bobbling gauntlet. This event is FREE and you can stop by anytime between 3 PM and the start of the SNOWDOWN Light Parade! There will be a scoreboard tracking top times and a prize for the fastest bobber!

Explore Shakespeare Through Steam @ The Durango Public Library @ 3:30PM - “To be or not to be: that is the question.” Come explore the Bard's best known works through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) inspired activities! Will you be the last one? Must be 5-12 years of age.

Hand on the Van Competition @ Grassburger @ 4PM - Hosted by the Mayor’s Youth Advisory. Hand on the Van is a fun competition for elementary school kids to win prizes for holding their hand on a police car for the longest. For those youngsters under 10 years of age.

Spaghetti Dinner @ Durango Elks Lodge @ 5PM - Small cheer and great welcome makes marry feasts.” Spaghetti dinner before and after the SNOWDOWN Light Parade. Bring your appetite for this amazing meal of spaghetti & meatballs, salad and garlic bread. Serving will start at 5 PM and go until the spaghetti runs out or by 8 PM. Hope you can make it! This is a fundraising event for the Elks Lodge.

Annual Snowdown Light Parade @ Downtown Durango @ 6PM - Hosted by Purgatory Resort. Let there be light Durango! It’s Durango’s only nighttime light parade where light emblazoned floats create a dazzling delight in Durango’s most spectacular procession along Main Avenue. Anyone who is anyone comes out to see the lads and lasses and maids and maidens display their timeless creativity on lighted floats. Come get lit with us and share in the revelry while floats compete for trophies in 10 categories with special emphasis on lights and theme. Don't forget to bring your best renaissance costume - enjoy the parade!

Teens and Tweens Dance Party @ The Hive @ 6:30PM - Join your friends as they dance in the Hive’s skatepark with a live DJ! Prizes for best costumes!

Romeo and Juliet Split Flipper Pinball @ The Union Social House @ 7PM - Love pinball or do you want to start playing? Then this is the event for you! Teams of two will battle for the title of Split Flipper Champion by simultaneously operating a pinball machine, side by side. That's right, partners vs partners just like the Montagues and Capulets. All ages and all skill levels.

Annual Snowdown Costume Ball @ Main Mall @ 7:15PM - Hosted by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and American General Media. Join us for the 4th Annual Post Parade Main Mall Ball. “If music be the food of love, play on.” Featuring live music from the Hill Stompers, brought to you by 99x/92.9 the Point, the SNOWDOWN Light Parade winners and Durango Balloon prize drop.


Snowdown Balloon Rally & Mass Ascension @ 8AM - “Be not afraid of greatness!” Gazeth thine eyes skyward as the greatest of hot air balloons riseth into the heavens. Mass upgoingeth of hot air balloons floateth gently down the Animas Valley. Viewing can be done from Lone Pine Dr and North Animas Valley neighborhoods. 

Snowdown 3-on-3 Youth Basketball Tournament @ Durango Rec Center @ 9AM - “The game was never so fair and I am done.” Come ye youth, ye young of age and heart. Bounceth the ball with others of like kind and heart – for there art a game to be played. 4 game minimum. All participants receive a t-shirt. Max 4 players per team. Division placement based on the oldest player. Register online with Durango Parks and Recreation.

Snowdown Kids Snow Games @ Folsom Park @ 10AM - “If fun be the fullness of life, play on.” Bringest thou spirited young ones. This super silly SNOWDOWN event is now entertaining a second generation of kiddos! Thou will be able to play in Tug o' War, broomball, kickball, frisbee golf, a balloon pop and even an obstacle course. Come one, come all ye children from 3 years old up to 5th grade.

All the Worlds a Stage on Which to Color @ Ace Hardware @ 10AM - “Thine universe is indeed a color’d splendid place.” Hark ye all young ones, cometh and color your hearts out and WIN, WIN, WIN!! Kroegers will provide you with everything you need to create your favorite picture. Age groups of 1-5 years old, 6-10 years old, 11-15 years old.

A Comedy of Errors Pet Photo Booth @ Ace Hardware @ 10AM - "Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head." Dress up thy pet in their favorite Shakespearean costumes and hop into our photo booth. We will provide you with an instant photo from our high tech Polaroid "Magic" camera. All pet photos will be judged. All ages welcome.

Much Ado About Kids Playing Pinball @ The Garage @ 10:30AM - “You can’t lose a game if you don’t play the game.” Cometh all youth with stout and nimble fingers for a pinball tournament. This shall be’th a sevenstrike knockout format. Players will play against three other players and will be given strikes as a Progressive Strike Knockout (0 strikes for 1st, 1 strike for 2nd, 2 strikes for 3rd, 3 strikes for 4th). The last player who standeth is the winner. Must be under 18.

“Shake”spearean Preschool Soiree @ The Durango Public Library @ 10:30 AM - “To dance or not to dance? That is NOT the question!” Cometh each and ev’ry preschooler and their adults. Thine grand event shall be held at the Royal Library (Durango Library). Dress up in your best Shakespearean inspired outfit and "shake" the morning away! Must be under 10.

Snowdown Fly Casting Competition @ Schneider Park @ 11AM - “You may but casteth your line upon the wind of fate.” Casting accuracy at various distances under time limit. All gear will be provided. No experience necessary. All Ages welcome.

The Royal Slider Feast @ Backcountry Gourmet/11th Street Station @ 12PM - “Eight wild boars roasted whole at breakfast, but each person be’st there to gobblest them up”. Thou wilst be timed in this eating contest. The first round knights, jesters, queens and kings alike will vie to eat a slider as fast as possible. Top five rivals will enter the second round. Second round will find thee gobbling as many plates of fries as possible. Costumes encouraged! All ages welcome.

Snowdown Hula Hoop Contest @ Gazpacho’s @ 1PM - Weaving spiders, come not here, hence, you long legged spinners, hence! Beetles black, approach not here, worm nor snail, do no offense. Gyrate your loins in a circular motion for longer than any mankind and triumph shall be yours!

Invention Convention @ The Powerhouse @ 1PM - O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention. Dress in your finest heavy brocade, stockings, tight-fitting doublets and long billowing dresses and travel back in time. Explore scientific discoveries happening during the Shakespearean age through fun family friendly activities. FREE snacks for all attendees.

Old English Insult Contest @ Durango Transit Center @ 1PM - You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I'll tickle your catastrophe! Contestants must run up and insult an intimidating knight with their best Old English insult. He who triumphs will be forsworn a sword. All Teens/ Tweens welcome.

Canine Fashion Show @ McDonald’s Parking Lot @ 1PM - Whether it be a noble mastiff or a lowly cur and trundle-tail, bring your best furry friend or borrow someone else's and show em off in this hysterical fashion show. Durango may have been voted the "worst dressed community", but let it be known, USA Today was NOT referring to our canines! To abhor Durango attire is mad! The categories are funniest, dress alike and SNOWDOWN theme related. It's a howling good time! Canines of all ages welcome but please keep your leashes on. Woof!

Snowdown Limbo @ Gazpacho’s @ 1:30PM - Hosted by Lou's Bed & Breakfast. O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low? Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure? How lowly and go-ly? Be crowned the lowliest and the winning shall be yours!

Book Games @ Maria’s Bookshop @ 2PM - Get thou to ye olde Marias Bookshoppe! Now is the winter of our discontent, so join us this year for a rollicking good time full of family friendly games and challenges for all ages. Be the master of your fate and screw your courage to test your knowledge, skills and balance.

Snowdown Family Movie Night @ First Presbyterian Church of Durango @ 6PM - What light through yonder window breaks-oh wait, that's a movie screen! Come join us for a family friendly movie night!


Pancake Breakfast @ La Plata County Fairgrounds @ 7AM - Come taste the milk of human kindness and support Search & Rescue! Durango's tower of strength and heart of gold. All you can eat pancakes, ham, eggs, coffee and juice! Come to our breakfast and well come to your rescue! All ages welcome!

Snowdown Balloon Rally & Mass Ascension @ 8AM - “Be not afraid of greatness!” Gazeth thine eyes skyward as the greatest of hot air balloons riseth into the heavens. Mass upgoingeth of hot air balloons floateth gently down the Animas Valley. Viewing can be done from Lone Pine Dr and North Animas Valley neighborhoods. 

Leapeth the Frog @ EsoTerra Ciderworks @ 2PM - Do not ye blench at the challenge of the mighty frog relay! We'll ask for teams of two to join us to see who can chuggeth a cold slushie (hard or na) on this winter's day while leapfrogging with their teammate. This winner will be named the victor and leave with a prize! Can YOU leapeth while thee brain freezeth? Event for All - Alcohol involved but not required!


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