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Snowdown in Durango: What you need to know

Snowdown in Durango: What you need to know

It’s that time of year again, temperatures are plummeting, snow is falling and the new year of 2023 is about to begin. The start of the new year brings the preparation for Durango’s BIGGEST party of the year– SNOWDOWN! Although it may be too early for some of us to start planning for the week long cabin fever reliever festival, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You shouldn’t be taken aback when you are trying to plan costumes, dinner reservations and other necessary things that culminate into having the best snowdown you possibly can. That’s why you need to keep reading to be sure you know the facts before you go! 




WHEN is Snowdown this year?

The 2023 Shakespearean Snowdown will commence on Friday, January 27th and go through Sunday, February 5th. As always, the Snowdown Follies will take place on the first night of Snowdown on January 27th to kick off this year’s Snowdown with a BANG! Many of our other much-loved annual events are already set to return this year. Check out our event calendar for what we know is FOR SURE happening again for Snowdown 2023. 


WHAT should I wear?

When it comes to Snowdown in Durango, everyone knows the most important thing to do in preparation for our town’s biggest and best winter party of the year is to find the perfect costumes. Yes, costumes, as in plural! You simply just cannot repeat the same outfit all week long, especially if you plan on participating or spectating at the Snowdown Fashion Do’s and Don’ts. The most common mistake newcomers make is shopping on Amazon. This is a big no-no as Snowdown is an annual week long LOCAL event, so be sure to shop locally! Here are our top 9 favorite picks of places to shop around town for your pristine ensembles. 

  1. Animas Trading Company With its finger on the pulse of Durango, Animas Trading Company has always been a local source for everything fun and unique. Ladies and gentlemen are sure to find something to their taste, making it an ideal one-stop shop for A Shakespearean Snowdown.
  2. The Fallen Angel Your one-stop shop for the costume you'd wear only if you were absolutely positive your parents weren't coming for a surprise visit during Josie Pete's Golf Tournament. Find wigs and bedazzling undies, too!  
  3. La Plata County Humane Society Thrift Store Thrift is the new black, so choose this destination for random, affordable surprises that might leave you with a Best Costume trophy. You don't know till you know, so let your imagination soar. Bonus: warm fuzzies included with confidence that your money is saving a puppy.  
  4. Old Colorado Vintage So you want to be the belle of the ball or the most dapper gentleman this side of the Continental Divide. Look no further than the broaches and waistcoats at this classiest of vintage shops.
  5. Rose Duds Upscale consignment says it all. You'll find jewelry, high heels and all sorts of frills and foofy dresses and sparkly things. Strong in their rotating selection, you could hit up this joint every day for two weeks, and you're guaranteed to hit the jackpot at least once. Persistence is key.
  6. Beads and Beyond If there’s one way to make your costume memorable, it’s this: ACCESSORIZE! Beads and Beyond is, hands down, a top destination for adding some dazzle to your Shakespearean look.
  7. Dolce Boutique Step into Dolce, ladies, for fashion-forward dresses and accessories that are sure to turn heads. Pick up a gorgeous gown or cute cocktail dress that would look great any night of the week--and especially so for Snowdown. Add a cape or a long, vintage coat to get the “Shakespearean” effect. 
  8. Lively  Attention to all the ladies! Lively (a boutique) in Durango has everything you may need from jackets, jewelry, shoes and more. Check them out for the latest pieces that will make you look the part for Snowdown 2023. 
  9. The Sparrow This one is for everyone! The Sparrow offers men’s and women’s clothing and accessories that will be sure to dazzle your friends during this Shakespearean Snowdown week. The Sparrow is the answer to, “Where did you get that?!”


WHERE to stay...

There are many options of where to stay in Durango if you are an out of towner visiting for the ultimate cabin fever reliever party that is Snowdown 2023. However, if your goal is to stay downtown, or at least close to historic main street where all the action happens, be sure to book your stay QUICKLY! Most places book out well in advance for Snowdown. Check out our complete list of places to stay that are on historic main street or within walking distance. 

WHERE to eat...

From sipping wine and Bloody Mary’s to stuffing [Rocky Mountain] oysters in your pie hole, Snowdown is never short on opportunities to mix the finest food-and-beverage experiences with costumes and general frivolity. We all know by now that Durango has the best food options– EVER. Whether you plan on booking your dinner reservations early, or you want a complete list of the options of where to eat on historic main street, you’ve come to the right place. Bring your appetite and a sense of humor to any of the following and leave a little happier and a lot more satiated:



Keep checking back for more events and articles giving you all of the information you will need to have a fantastic Shakespearean Snowdown 2023!


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