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The Animas Valley Balloon Rally

The Animas Valley Balloon Rally

It’s that time of year again. Leaves are crunching under boots, layers and layers of clothing are brought out from the back of the closet, hot coffee and cocoa are the only drinks to be made and the crisp morning air welcomes us to fall in Durango, Colorado. With fall comes the 6th annual Animas Valley Balloon Rally! Why travel all the way to Albuquerque when you can stay in our beautiful mountain town and see the balloons fly all over town. The rally will begin with the mass ascension from the launch field at Hermosa Meadows just a little past 8AM on Friday, October 15th. Following this, the Downtown Durango Glow, sponsored by DBID will begin at 6:30PM Friday evening by the Durango Railroad Train Station on main street. If you can’t attend either of these on Friday, don’t fret! Saturday, October 16th the second mass ascension will take place at 8AM followed by the Animas Valley Balloon Glow at Dalton Ranch beginning at 7PM. If this isn’t enough to get you out there, we’ve got a couple reasons why the Animas Valley Balloon Rally is an event you don’t want to miss. 




After a year of uncertainty, the Animas Valley Balloon Rally is back and ready for action! Fall is the weird in-between season for most of us local Durangotangs-- it’s too cold for lake days or high-country camping trips, but there is no snow to hit the slopes at Purgatory. So what’s the perfect thing to do on the weekend with the whole family? The Animas Valley Balloon Rally is a unique and fun experience for everyone to enjoy! Don’t knock the fun until you try it. Be sure to bundle up and bring a warm beverage to beat the chill of the fall air. 


And so it begins… the mass ascension of Friday morning at 8AM and the beginning of the Animas Valley Balloon Rally. Take 550 north to Hermosa Meadows Road and the launch field will be right off of 550-- just look for the crowd and the big hot air balloons. Note that all public parking will be in the field on the south side of Hermosa Meadows Road-- please DON’T PARK ON THE LAUNCH FIELD. We all love the pups, but no dogs are allowed on the field, so please leave them at home. 


The best moment of the whole rally is the balloon glow on downtown mainstreet in Durango. Don’t miss out on this! The glow will begin at 6:30PM and end around 9PM. Kids can get in a candlestick, which is a basket with a burner, but without the balloon, and light the burner! 


Same deal as Friday beginning around 8AM is the mass ascension, but FREE tethered balloon rides will be taking place from 9AM - 10AM on Saturday and Sunday morning at the launch field at Hermosa Meadows Road after the balloons have taken off. 


If you missed the balloon glow on Friday night, don’t be TOO upset-- a second balloon glow will be taking place at the Dalton Ranch Country Club from 7PM - 9PM on Saturday night. This is more of a drive-by event that will start at the launch field on Hermosa Meadows Road and continue on to Aspen Glade, Red Rock Ranch, The Cottonwoods, Dalton Ranch and PJ’s Market at Trimble Crossing. Don’t miss out on it all as pilots will begin glowing at 7PM.


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