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The Weekender // February 8th-10th

The Weekender

Looking for some fun this weekend? Have we got the events for you! We’ve got you covered from backcountry films, stand up comedy, and even card trading games! So what are you waiting for? Have a look, and gear up for the weekend!

Ice Fishing Tournament - Saturday, February 9th

VCSA Ice Fishing Tournament

Are you a master of ice fishing? Be sure to clear your calendar for Saturday and head over to Vallecito Lake for the Vallecito Conservation Sporting Association (VCSA) Ice Fishing Tournament! Register between 9am and 11am at the north end of the lake and get ready to fish! There is a $35 entree fee and kids 15 and under can fish for free with a paying adult! With prizes starting at $750 and snow in the forecast, it's a great way to get out there and enjoy all that ice fishing has to offer! Afterward, head over to The Rusty Shovel Saloon for some warm drinks and grub. This event is great for those who love ice fishing, hanging out with other fishers, and competing for money at the same time!

Best Backcountry Films - Friday, February 9th

Backcountry Film Festival 2019

Who doesn’t love sitting on the edge of their seat watching others experience and battle through the best and the roughest mother nature has to offer? Because of the Durango Nature Studies’ membership with the Winter Wildlands Alliance, they’re able to host the Backcountry Film Festival each year. This event is also sponsored by other Durango businesses like Durango Outdoor Exchange, Hesperus Ski Patrol, and Backcountry Experience, who all want to encourage everyone to get out and experience everything the great backcountry has to offer. There will be 10 riveting films all showing the different personalities of the backcountry, and all offering inspiring stories and experiences. This event is great for those looking to rekindle their love for nature and get back out to face the outdoors (no matter how cold).

Stand Up Comedy Highlights - Saturday, February 9th

Laugh Therapy Comedy Showcase

The local favorite, Laugh Therapy comedy show has a new special performance! Usually held on Thursday nights, laugh therapy features the best of Durango comedians, all bringing smiles and uncontrollable tears through their great performances. But for those of us who work Friday morning and can’t spend Thursday nights drinking beer and laughing our troubles away (even though we’d like to), we often miss the amazing stand-up show. But fear not! This Saturday, The Irish Embassy Pub is featuring the best of the best from Laugh Therapy, bringing the highlights and showcasing the crowd favorites like Allie Wolfe and Josh Emerson. This event is 21 and entrance is $5 not including food or drink. This event is great for those who’ve always wondered what Laugh Therapy is all about.

Game Night - Saturday, February 9th

Ravnica Allegiance Draft Weekend

Are you a game lover? Be sure to head over to Guild House Games this Saturday for the Ravnica Allegiance Draft Weekend! Celebrating the release of the new Magic: the Gathering expansion pack earlier this year, this event brings fellow gamers of all ages together! Magic: the Gathering, or MTG, is ranked as the most played trading card game around the world, and the Ravnica Allegiance is the 80th expansion for the well-loved game. There will be multiple games held, and participants are asked to sign in 45 minutes beforehand. The times are 12pm for ages 9-13, and 1pm and 6:30pm for all ages. There is a $10 fee which includes gameplay, and a special Simic Ascendancy Foil Card from the Ravnica Allegiance expansion. This event for MTG game lovers or those looking to expand their game experience.


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