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A Look Back on Comic-Con Snowdown 2019

A Look Back on Comic-Con Snowdown 2019

‘Twas the night before Snowdown with not a soul to be found. Everyone had gathered in their homes to construct masterpieces of inspiring heroes, heroines, characters, and whatever else they could manage to deem “comic”-al. Marios paired up with Luigis, Clark Kents made sure to stay clear of other Supermen, and Wonder Women flaunted their strong beauty and killed the game. Deadpools brought the sass, Scooby Doos brought the mystery, and masked vigilantes brought the party. And then Wednesday through Sunday happened in a flash.  Everybody embraced their inner party animal.

The original line-up in the first Snowdown winter of 1979 had the Torch Lite Parade, dances, snowmobile races, a yodeling contest, and a canine fashion show.  It was such a success that it was decided Snowdown would happen again the next year, the next year, and then the next year. This turned into the 41 consecutive years leading up till now, with no loss of creativity or momentum.

Snowdown became The Original Cabin Fever Reliever. It all started with a cold, dreary, and dark winter season that left Durangatangs without their usual vigor for life. John Murrah, the founder, decided that the vitality and spunk of Durango life should never be lost but should be celebrated in ridiculous amounts. After all, Durangatangs are a special breed, and he wasn’t going to let them become extinct in the cold of winter. Fast forward 41 years later to Snowdown 2019 and you can see the breed of southwest coloradans celebrating everything imaginable.

Photos by @karacavalca from Instagram of the Snowdown Light Parade.

Snowdown 2019 had too many events to count. Here are some of our favorites (which we hope to see next year!):

*Snowdown Logo indicates new event.

  • Carver Brewing Company’s Beard Race. In November 2018, contestants showed up clean shaven at Carver’s to see how long they could get it at Snowdown.
  • Conundrum Escape Room's Doomed Raiders of the Crystal Crusade. A special escape room available only for Snowdown!
  •  Super Parent Lego Lava Walk at 11th Street Station. Parents proving their mightiness through one of life’s biggest pains - stepping on legos.
  • Guinness Games at The Irish Embassy Pub. Everything from Ants in the Pants, Operation, and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Games and beer for all!
  •  The Science of Comic Con at Powerhouse Science Center. Snowdown isn’t all about downing beer in a rad costume. This event explored the science behind super hero exploits like mutations and spider silk!
  • Snowdown Bed Races. Back from last year by popular demand, these races are pure entertainment. Fingers crossed for Bed Races in 2020!
  • The Snowdown Light Parade. Because of course, who doesn’t like a parade filled with Durango’s best?
  • Snowdown Follies. Kids, Teens, and Adults. It’s all fantastically amazing.
  • Josie Peter’s Golf Tournament. What better way to see Durango than touring all of Main Avenue with a golf club?
  •  Snowdown Costume Contest & Electronic Dance Party at Powerhouse Science Center. Dancing, costumes, and performances by the Durango Aerialists. Not a party to miss!

Photos by @karacavalca from Instagram of the Snowdown Parade.

The New England Patriots won against the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in the Super Bowl on Sunday to wrap up the insane weekend that Snowdown always proves to be. We can give a big thanks to all of the wonderful local Durango businesses who participated, to Terry Fielder aka Mr. Snowdown, and to all of the volunteers who made each event happen. And of course, to each and every Durangatang who came out and showed that vigor for life. That being said, who’s ready for Snowdown 2020? The theme has already been announced - Rock Around Snowdown!

So Durango, is your cabin fever relieved? Did Snowdown restore the pizzazz of life in the southwest? Are you exhausted (and maybe still hungover)?  Rest up, do that juice cleanse to repair your liver, and start brainstorming your killer costumes for rocking around Snowdown 2020. Maybe even start training for those Bed Races - who knows what will go down next year!


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