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Ultimate Guide to Snowdown 2019

Ultimate Guide to Snowdown 2019

Durango’s favorite five day party is finally here! With all of the events happening, it’s easy to miss some of the best events because you simply didn’t know they were happening. This is why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best events happening during this extended-weekend-long party! So grab your costumes and head out to witness the best that Durango has to offer!

  = Snowdown logo implies Editor's Choice.

All Week

Snowdown Escape Room: Doomed Raiders of the Crystal Crusade
Gather your five closest friends for the 3rd annual Snowdown Escape Room! This year is one you won’t want to miss. Not only will you be challenged to escape, but also to help Professor Indiana Jones find the missing Mayan artifact rumoured to have mystical powers. Help complete the quest before Dr. Jones’ nemesis find the artifact and takes it for himself.
Best event for Heroic Detectives.


Build a Bong Contest
Use your imagination and gather the most creative materials you can for the first ever Snowdown Build a Bong Contest. Hosted by Prohibition Herb, this creative contest runs through Saturday, January 1st, and the winners will be announced Monday at 4:20pm. Prizes include tons of Prohibition Herb gear and coupons valued over $250!
Best event for Inventors with out-of-this-world ideas.


Wednesday Events

Snowdown Scavenger Hunt
Kick off Durango’s favorite party with the annual Snowdown Scavenger Hunt hosted by the Billy Goat Saloon. Round up your team and search far and wide for the fun, random, and obscure items on the 100 item list. Last year’s winning team found 99 items! Think you can do better?
Best event for the Snooper


Super Parent Lego Lava Walk
Have you ever stepped on a lego? Then you understand just how super these parents are for willingly walking across a stretch of lego “lava” to prove to their kids (and spectators) just how awesome they are. This timed event will give parents (and non-parents) the chance to steal the title of Super Parent of Snowdown 2019.
Best event for Superhero Parents


 Snowdown Bicycle Roller Races
It’s time to gear up for the Snowdown Bicycle Roller Races! Head over to the Irish Embassy Pub to watch or compete in the most exciting stationary bicycle race imaginable. Endurance and mental strength are put to the test as contestants compete head to head with their own bikes. The cyclist who covers the furthest distance in 15 minutes wins!
Best event for the Flash.


Gather your teams of three to compete in the annual Spellebration competition. This spelltacular event is the one and only spelling showdown of Snowdown. Wear your super-costume and have a few mind-enhancing-cocktails and you’ll be all set for a great evening!
Best event for Super Spellers.


Magical Mystery Tour
Calling all music trivia nerds! Gear up! It’s time to test your extensive music trivia knowledge that your friends always tell you is useless. Compete in teams and answer questions in categories such as Top-40, Heavy Metal, even Broadway Showtunes! Not only will you be competing for cash prizes, but also the chance to compete in the Magical Mystery Tour Finals!
Best event for anyone with Magical Musical Powers.


 Snowdown Teen Follies
The Snowdown Kid/Teen/Adult Follies are a great way to get involved with the community if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the vast number of events happening. Come support the teens of Durango as they perform their amazing talents and skills. These teens have been practicing and preparing for Snowdown for weeks!
Best event for Talent Loving Heros.


Beer Trivia
So you know a lot about beer? Come test your knowledge from hops to finish at Carver Brewing during the Snowdown Beer Trivia competition! Grab your side-kicks to form a group of 3-4 and reserve your seat now because space is limited! Team entrance includes two rounds of rare craft beer and appetizers!
Best event for those with Super Beer Intelligence


 Guinness Games - Ants in the Pants
Do you love a good game of Ants in the Pants? Then head over to the Irish Embassy Pub and compete against others for the competition of the night! The event is free to watch and compete in, and there will be tons of prizes (and drinks) for all who attend!
Best event for heros who wanna have fun.


Guinness Games - Hungry Hungry Hippos
This crowd favorite returns for another year of fun at the Irish Embassy Pub! Compete individually against 3 villains to collect all of the little white pearls to feed your Hungry Hippo. Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but it’s still fun competing in a pub on a Wednesday night!
Best event for Hungry Hungry Heroes.


 Snowdown Kid Follies
Come support the youth of Durango as they perform just for you! These super kids will be showcasing their powers like singing, dance, acrobatics and much more! They’ve been practicing their performance for weeks and can’t wait to share it with other fellow heros and comic stars. Shows take place Wednesday and Thursday at the Durango Arts Center.
Best Event for Super Supporters


Thursday Events

 Speed Racer Adult Tricycle Race
Grab your helmets! It’s time for the Adult Tricycle Race at 11th Street Station. The race is tournament style and features child-sized tricycles.  Race across the courses and compete on the “special track” to try and steal the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place titles! Race begins at 3pm, and winners will be announced at 6pm. There will be loads of drinks, prizes, and fun!
Best event for Super Speed heroes.


Boozin Beacons
Head over to Eous Bar and Dining for Boozin Beacons event! Get your fantastic team of four together and compete against teams all across Durango! Combine your life-saving avalanche beacon skills with your knowledge of the downtown Durango bar scene to take 1st place! Games begin at Eous and all teams must return by 7pm. Bring your own beacon, camera phone, and super powers!
Best event for Beacon Warriors


The Science of Comic Con
Bring the whole family to the Powerhouse Science Center for The Science of Comic Con and fill your mind with all the knowledge it can absorb! Ask yourself the real questions, like, could humans actually have superpowers someday? Learn how comics and science fiction have push scientists and engineers to surpass the unexpected and bring the unimaginable to life.
Best event for the Super Scientist


Snowdown Saloonatic Olympics
So you have a secret skill for bar games? It’s time to show off! Swing by the Billy Goat Saloon for the Snowdown Saloonatic Olympics to test your skills. The games begin at 6pm, but sign up is at 5pm. Get your team of four ready to become Durango olympians! There will be tons of prizes, food, drinks, and fun!
Best event for Bar Game Champions


Mystery Musical Tour Finals
It’s the final countdown! Will you be lucky enough to make it to the musical trivia finals? Great! If not, the finals are still a Snowdown showdown that’s not to be missed! Whether you’re competing or watching, head to the Irish Embassy Pub for a night of music, fun, and of course, drinks.
Best event for Magical Musicians


Guinness Games - Operation
It’s time to get buzzed (by an electrical shock from a board game of course)! It’s time for the Guinness Games again, and this time, Operation is the game of choice. Put on your super-surgeon caps and help save the life of a misfortunate man by carefully removing mishaps under the clock! Participation is free and could lead to great prizes!
Best event for Super Surgeons


Guinness Games - Connect Four
Have a special talent for Connect Four? Neither do we. Good thing there’s no skill required to compete in the Guinness Games at the Irish Embassy! Simply bring yourself, whatever skills (or lack thereof), grab a drink and compete individually for great prizes! Who knows, you might just win the title of Connect Four Champion!
Best event for Mind Reading Game Lovers


Friday Events

For “Lex Luther” College Trivia
Put your mind to the test at Fort Lewis College for a super trivia competition! Grab your groups of friends (or the closest nerds you can find) and compete against other locals and students for great prizes. Categories like comic trivia, Fort Lewis College history, and more will challenge even the sharpest of minds. Best event for Mind Readers who love trivia


 Snowdown Bed Race
The Bed Races are back! Round up your team of five and compete head to head against other teams for the Bed Race Trophy. The event will be held on Main Ave right before the Snowdown Light Parade. Entree fees are $50 per team and all proceeds directly benefit the Durango 100 Club. Races begin at 4pm on the 700 block of Main Ave Friday the 1st.
Best event for Super Sleepers


 Snowdown Light Parade
The biggest event of Snowdown! Dress warm and bring the entire family to watch the Snowdown Light Parade! If you can, arrive early as the crowds pile up fast! Come see Durango’s only night parade where comic themed floats light up the streets! Floats compete in 10 divisions with special emphasis on lights and theme execution! |
Best event for all Durango Heroes


 Durango Follies
The Follies return for the 36th year in a row bringing entertainment, commentary, and fun. This great show holds performances at both the Durango Arts Center and the henry Strater Theatre  at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday night. All sales made support Snowdown and fund future events for years to come. Plus there’s a cash bar, so what more do you need?
Best event for Entertainment Loving (adult) Superheros


Saturday Events

Snowdown Book Geek Games
Come join the book-loving madness with literary trivia, obstacle courses, book stacking challenges and more! All games are timed and involve teams of two for a combined score. Need some comic inspiration? Check out Maria’s Bookshops’ new updated Comic Book and Graphic Novel selection during the week of Snowdown! Be sure to bring the whole family to this chaotically exciting event!
Best event for Book Loving Warriors


Latte Art Snowdown Throwdown
What’s better than coffee? Free coffee! Head over to 11th Street Station Saturday at noon to watch the Latte Art Snowdown Throwdown and receive free coffee! Watch (or compete against)  the best of Durango Baristas compete against each other to see who can create the best latte art in town! With over $1,000 in prizes and giveaways, it’s going to be a competition you’re not going to want to miss.
Best event for Heroes who need a little jolt of energy


Bloody Mary Contest
If Bloody Marys are more up your alley, then swing by the Fairgrounds for the Bloody Mary Contest taking place during the Snowdown Chili Cook-Off. Vodka, cups, and ice will be provided to all competitors. Each team will be given half a table to decorate, then prepare and serve Bloody Marys from 12pm to 2pm.
Best event for Super Sippers


Snowdown Chili Cook-Off
Come with an empty stomach and get ready to warm up with the best homemade chili in town! There will be tough competitions in best red, green, and vegetarian chilies along with best salsa! Judging begins at 10:30am with tasting sales beginning at 12pm! There will also be brews and soft drinks available for purchase to calming your chili lips. All proceeds help Snowdown for years to come!


 Outlaw Josie Pete’s Golf Tournament
Watch one of the most hilarious events of Snowdown as teams golf across town at 20+ locations beginning at the Main Mall! One of the best ways to watch? Pick a location  and plop down for a few drinks and watch the golfing chaos unfold before your eyes. This event is family friendly and is a great way to enjoy snowdown festivities from the comfort of a chair with a drink or snack in hand.
Best event for Superhero Spectators


Quaffing Tournament
Looking for some afternoon shenanigans? Consider 11th Street Station’s Quaffing Tournament for some beer sliding fun! Gather a team of four and compete using Ernie’s custom bowling lane tables in sliding beer down for teammates to grab mid air and pound it. Extra points will be awarded to under-leg-grabs, spins, and any other flair added. Participants must be 21 and must present a designated driver/escort.
Best event for those with Beer Pounding Powers


How well do you know Y(our) Wine?
Got some wine knowledge up your sleeve? Want to win some wine prizes? Be sure to swing by Four Leaves Winery for the only wine tasting event during Snowdown! Four samples of wine are provided to participants to be guessed. Guess all four correctly and win prizes!
Best event for Heros with Wine Reading Abilities.


Guinness Games - Yahtzee
Yahtzee! Gather your friends or compete (hans) solo during this crowd favorite event! Compete in “the game that makes thinking fun” against super heros just like you. Arrive 15 minutes early to enter, or at 8pm to watch others compete for prizes!
Best event for Superheroes who need a night off from saving the world


 Official Snowdown Costume Contest & Electronic Dance Party
Compete in six categories for the costume that took you weeks to assemble (or buy online). Dance all night to the out-of-this-world beats of DJ Bad Goat and watch the amazing and inspiring performance from the Durango Circus. This party is not one to miss! Tickets are $10 and includes one beer token!
Best event for those with Supernatural Dancing Abilities


Closures Friday

Due to the awesome parade, there will be road closures and limited parking downtown, so plan ahead! Also, don’t forget the transit is free after 3pm!


  • The parade staging area is the 500 block of Main Ave, and 5th Street from Main all the way to Park Elementary School.
  • This area will be closed to parking and traffic starting at 1:30 pm.
  • Traffic on College will not be allowed to turn onto Main, but College will be open for thru traffic until 5:30 pm. From 5:30 on, traffic will be detoured onto Narrow Gauge and E. 2nd Ave headed north.
  • The 500 block of E. 2nd Ave will have all its metered parking spaces taken by City barricade trailers and street sweepers. No parking starting at 1:30 pm.
  • Durango Police and La Plata County Mounted Patrol will have officers at E. 2nd and College, and E. 2nd and 5th Street. They will allow, on a very limited basis, traffic through the 500 block of E. 2nd both north and south. Starting at 5:15 pm, no traffic will be allowed through.
  • Same for the alley between Main and E. 2nd, and College and 5th. It will be accessible but Police or Mounted Patrol will control and monitor the exit onto 5th. At 5:15 pm, this alley will be closed.
  • Parade route – Main from College to 14th Street, to Narrow Gauge on west and alley on east – closed at 2:30 pm


Other closures, all closed at 2:30 pm:

  • E. 100 block of 13th Street
  • 1100 block of Narrow Gauge, closed to parking only, through traffic allowed
  • Alley between Main and E. 2nd, and 7th and College, will be closed at 2:30 pm for bed races.

Free Transportation Options

  • Main Ave Trolley will be free starting at 3pm. Arrives every 20 minutes. Last Trolley departs Transit Center at 8:40 pm
  • Special free shuttle from Fairgrounds to Transit Center. Starts at 5 pm at Fairgrounds, last shuttle departs Transit Center at 8 pm. At Fairgrounds every 15 minutes.

Parking options

  • Do not park at Town Plaza, Albertsons, Doubletree - parking for customers only
  • DO park in these locations:
    • City lots after 5 pm (Transit Center and 3 lots on E. 2nd Ave)
    • Metered parking outside of closure area noted above, must pay meter until 6 pm
  • Look for NO PARKING signs on meters Downtown
  • If parked in any Downtown private lot within closure areas, after 3 pm no exit will be allowed
  • If parking in neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown, do not block driveways


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