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11th Street Station: A Dynamic Durango Destination

11th Street Station: A Dynamic Durango Destination

On North Main Avenue in downtown Durango, 11th Street Station is serving up handcrafted cocktails and your favorite craft beers with a side of vintage charm. The extraordinary automotive accessories and decor are enough of a reason to stop by, not to mention the seven different businesses that call the lot home and offer a variety of tasty dishes and drinks.  

Since the establishment came onto the scene in late October of 2017, business has been going pretty well for owners Jaime and Marcos Wisner, a father-son duo that is a force to be reckoned with.

“Even though we've had ups and downs, we work very well together as a team,” owner Jaime, said.

The Wisner’s admitted that they didn’t expect the volume to be as big as it was. Nevertheless, all types of guests continue to flock to 11th Street Station for the food trucks, casual environment and exceptional happy hour specials.  

“Our honeymoon phase was pretty successful and I think we’ve been doing pretty good lately considering the fire,” co-owner, Marcos said.  

The vibe at 11th Street Station is definitely a collaborative one. Food trucks are provided with all the necessary services to be successful: consultation, marketing, utilities and storage.

“They just show up with their staff and that really allows them to just focus on cooking high quality food. They’re breaking the stigma that food trucks have had for such a long time,” Marcos said.

The dynamic nature of the space allows for customers to have a heap of options. Where else in town can you get a cortado, a sushi burrito, home-style barbecue, craft cocktail and chicken curry all in the same location? No doubt it’s one of Durango’s hottest summer spots to share in conversation and experience some unbeatable culinary creations. Plus, it’s all specifically catered to the Durango lifestyle.    

“People like the atmosphere, the outdoor space, the freedom they have -- it’s super flexible, just like Durango people. They’re laid back and they like to have their options,” Marcos said.  

The Wisner’s are making huge steps this summer, despite the challenges of wildfires and dips in tourism numbers. By mid-July, they plan to expand their back patio by nearly 140 square feet with a focus on maintaining the strong customer relationships they have with local folks and to continue to transform it into a place for people to gather. At the end of the day, they hope to appeal to locals and respond to their needs in a unique, innovative way.

“We focus heavily on locals and try not to be so dependent on something so much like the train or tourists. We want to own that local crowd and it’s really important to us to be an establishment for Durangoans,” Marcos said.  

The new patio will host community events and shows, fundraisers, private parties and live music among other things. Although the patio is an unfinished product at the moment, the Wisner’s are confident that it will unfold itself as a distinct part of 11th Street Station as time goes on.

“A big unknown is what the community wants and needs. We’re willing to embrace that because that’s a lot of what happens here,” Jaime said.

Be on the lookout for the grand opening of the new addition this July, meanwhile Jaime and Marcos are hard at work developing a magnificent space that fuses the rustic, vintage feel of 11th Street Station with an organic, earthy aura. The expansion was part of a solution to solve a capacity and space issue, but it was also always part of the plan from the beginning: to be a community hub for events, good food and great company.

“We’ll always do what’s best for the business and for Durango,” Marcos said.  


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