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6 Tempting Taste(s) of Durango 2017

6 Tempting Taste(s) of Durango 2017

Original photo by Mike Alcott

Mouthwatering cuisine, thirst-quenching cocktails, a collision of spring and summer weather...so long, growling stomachs and parched palettes. The Taste of Durango is just around the corner!

Produced, managed and coordinated by the Durango chapter of the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA), the 2017 Taste of Durango is anticipated to be more scrumptious than ever. On Sunday, May 21st, from 11:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., leave your pup, bring your appetite, cash for tokens, and a rain jacket, and prepare for an afternoon of pure indulgence. While the tunes of local band, Elder Grown, fill the afternoon skies, Durango's world-class chefs, brewers, bakers, and bartenders take to the streets of downtown for this tasting extravaganza that's guaranteed to send you home happy, full, and (fingers crossed) sun-soaked.

Each year, the Taste of Durango welcomes thousands of participants to stroll and sample from over 40 vendors of local food and craft beverages. For a list of Who's Who and Where's What, download the Taste of Durango app on your phone (directions found here). For a guide to some of our favorite “tastes” of Durango, see below:

Dining in Durango doesn't have to break the bank; the Taste of Durango, for instance, is a FREE event. For those who have the willpower of a nun, simply show up and feast your eyes on the bounty of culinary delights. For the rest of us, plan on spending about $20 for a good time. Tokens are $1 a piece and can be purchased at Maria's Bookshop before the event or at four booth locations during the event. Food items range from three to seven tokens, while beverages are typically four to eight tokens.


If you're longing to make reservations at one of Durango's premier foodie establishments but just don't have the bank account yet, then the Taste of Durango is where dreams come true. For mere tokens, decadence awaits in the form of drool-inducing lobster, creamy crab sauces, steak bites cooked to perfection, savory mac-n-cheeses and more. Grab a tiny fork, find a place to sit or stand, take a deep breath and discover Durango's refined side. No judgment should satisfied moans of pleasure escape your soul.  

It's no secret that Durangoans love their Mexican and New Mexican fare. We can't get enough of the heat of a green chili, crunch of a tortilla chip or jolt of energy from a shot of tequila carefully disguised in a dangerous margarita. The Taste of Durango is proud to deliver this esteemed predilection in boat loads. Viva la comida!  

Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up or something sweet to cut the heat from all those green chilies, you’ll find chilled cocktails, cold beers and ice cream scoops mere steps from one another. Remember that the key to staying refreshed is to pace yourself--and hydrate between those surreptitious tequila shots.

From Asian-infused to artfully-inspired, Durango is rich in innovative chefs and culinary geniuses. The Taste of Durango presents an unparalleled opportunity for restaurateurs to play with whimsical creations proudly presented to curious taste buds. Keep an open mind and go boldly where no fork has gone before. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a new favorite French fry style, cookie category or whiskey flavor.

The Taste of Durango benefits Manna Soup Kitchen, raising nearly $20,000 annually. Funds also support Durango's CRA, which keeps our lively culinary community progressive and thriving, always in celebration mode of the bounty found in this humble Southwestern foodie haven. Bon appetit, Durango!   


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