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Blue Skies Are Good For . . . Something!

Blue Skies Are Good For . . . Something!

If you're feeling overdosed on sunshine and the balmy afternoons are bringing you down, fret not. While you pine for powder, life goes on, and perspective offers a precious opportunity to flip winter on its head and find the redeeming side of climate change.

So buck up, buttercup. Grab a pen or (even better) a colorful magic marker, and prepare a list of all the things you're going to tackle before snow starts flying—because eventually it will, and then you'll miss the dirt (maybe). Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions of ways to seize these blue-sky days:

For the Mind:

School is back in session next week, but you and the kiddos are both probably itching for some learning. If so, sign them up for Winter Science Camp at the Powerhouse Science Center this week. For adults, check out the MakerLab or Pub Trivia on Thursday, January 4, which also happens to be Sir Isaac Newton's birthday ...

Why does this man, born in 1643, matter? Well, beyond the fact that he might pop up as a question during this week's Super Ted's Trivia Night at the Animas City Theatre on Tuesday, January 2, Sir Isaac Newton is the perfect example of how we should approach this year: "like a boy playing on the seashore ... finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered ..."

For more quotes like this or an excuse to not be social, turn inward and finish those dozen books you started reading last year. Or press play on the list of podcasts you swore you'd get into. Or listen to records. Make your own music. Practice Spanish. Paint outside the lines. Sew a button. Use your hands. Use your brain. And, if you’re still lost, Google How to Not Be Bored.

For the Body:

You live to get your heart rate up, and backcountry skiing isn't an option right now. As a resourceful bunch, maybe your alternative plan so far includes singletrack on your mountain bike or running shoes, enjoying Phil's World and dry trails around town. Word on the street is that throngs of fellow fitness enthusiasts are convening at Andrews Lake for ice skating.

We also recommend throwing a dance party. These short days offer an awesome excuse to crank the hip-hop and turn up the heat so you and your cardio-junkie cronies can sweat while you drop it likes it's hot. Downside: your fitness tracker of choice might not pick up your moves, so it probably doesn't “count”.

For the Soul:

Wherever you go, there you are; so take this season of weird weather to tap into the root of the issue. Go to yoga classes or learn Tai Chi at the Smiley on Tuesday evenings (contact Teacher Tim at 970.749.0891 for more information). Get out of debt with help from community groups at First United Methodist Church, or enjoy happier-hour and meditation sessions at the Durango Dharma Center.  

Finally, there's no better way to receive nourishment than to give. Check out volunteer opportunities through United Way's Southwest Colorado chapter and connect with organizations and people who need assistance moving, warm meals, a listening ear.

Whatever you choose to do over the coming days and months, be intentional about your time. Put your talents to work. Turn those brown winter blues into blue skies by taking advantage of these moments. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping fingers crossed for snow, too…

Happy 2018 to all!


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