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Expanding into New Industry: Point to Point Moves into Peterson Office Supplies

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Linda Burton chuckles to herself as she describes the 500 square-foot apartment she used to rent on Main Street in Durango. It’s crammed with pallets of paper and a small, inefficient printer sits in the corner, eating one sheet of paper at a time. She recalls those troublesome stairs from the apartment to the car, where she and her husband Jim would deliver small shipments of prints to their regulars each day.

But things have changed since then.

Point to Point Graphics has served as the local spot for custom apparel and printing since July of 2002, when they unexpectedly landed a substantial contract offer. With only one sheet printer that didn’t even connect to a computer, they began to expand.

Despite any doubts the Burton’s had about their abilities, the project shed an enormous light on their design capability and dedication to Durango. The growing pains that Point to Point Graphics endured in the early 2000’s were all worth it in Linda’s mind, and she attributes the business’ success to her deep-rooted faith.

The family business had at one point considered moving to Bodo, an industrial area in Durango, but their customers pleaded that they stay downtown. In the past fifteen years, Linda mentions that little to no budget money has been spent on advertising, due to the powerful customer base that surrounds them.

The team was elated in mid-January when they received an opportunity to expand. Peterson Office Supplies, previously located next door, had plans to omit their retail space altogether, but decided to collaborate with their neighbors instead. As a result, Point to Point has taken on the retail side of things and will now be selling a variety of office supplies.

“We’ve had so many people say, ‘no matter what, you’ve got to keep the office supplies downtown,’” Linda said about expanding the storefront to accommodate the needs of the community.  

Peterson Office Supplies, owned by Parker's Workplace Solutions, will continue to sell products online, but the storefront itself has been consumed by Point to Point.

The move is quite recent, and it’s all hands on deck for now. The Burton family and their team of designers have been hard at work to set up the new space and although there is still a lot to organize, Linda said that Point to Point is “having a ball with office supplies”.

The design team is enthusiastic to bring this new aspect of the company to the community. In fact, they’re so eager that they haven’t been closed a single day since the renovations began in order to better serve their customers. Even though construction has been tedious and time-consuming, the business is even thriving outside of Durango. Linda said that surrounding areas such as Bayfield and Ignacio have become a wide customer base for them too, where they service a number of small businesses and teams with custom apparel.

The remodeled storefront will offer all office supply needs such as paper products, filing supplies, and stationery in addition to all the services offered by Point to Point Graphics.

Linda recalls a project when she and Jim didn’t shut off their printers for four days straight.  

“Day and night, sleep a while, the other one would run, the other one sleeps a while,” Linda said, about some sleepless nights that they have endured to support the needs of their customers.

Although Linda describes her family’s experience as “not your typical startup”, there is a profound passion for serving the community within this company. When Linda was trudging up and down apartment stairs, she never imagined the success the business would have.

But as we walk around the Point to Point Graphics storefront together, she glances at me and says, “It’s home.”

*Correction: The original article mistakenly implied that Point to Point purchased Peterson's Office Supply. Parker's Workplace Solutions purchased Peterson's Office Supply about 2 years ago. Point to Point only purchased the physical products and fixtures at their Durango location, but the Peterson's branding and client files are still owned by Parker’s Workplace Solutions.

A Look Inside Point to Point

The team at Point to Point Graphics

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Point to Point graphics is a family owned local business based out of Durango Co. Left to right; Carrie, Duane, Linda, and Jim Burton.
Linda Burton of Point to Point Graphics

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Linda is the heart of the family and the company, her kindness and hard work keep customers coming back again and again.
Office-greeter Candy

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The greeter and one of the key members of the team, Candy the dog works in the office every day to give customers a smile.
Jim Burton of Point to Point Graphics

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When it comes to graphic and design Jim can accomplish anything, both he and Linda have worked tirelessly to grow the company with their son and daughter, Duane and Carrie.
Duane Burton of Point to Point Graphics

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A hot freshly pressed soft tee shirt printed by Duane Burton.
Linda measuring logo stitches

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Linda Burton is seen measuring the location for the next logo to be stitched into the Orehouse uniform.
Office Supply at Point to Point

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Point to Point purchased the fixtures and products from the old Peterson's Office Supply storefront and expanded into the space.
Jim Burton of Point to Point

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Jim Burton is pictured here working on the latest printing and copying job.

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Thad Barnes, a contractor for Elkland Builders, is pictured here with longtime associate and friend Jim Burton.


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