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How to have a Romantic COVID Valentines Day-- Durango Style

Hey Durangatangs, we’ve missed you. As we go into yet another COVID holiday, this is your reminder that you don’t have to just sit at home and peruse through the top ten movie choices on Netflix with your pajamas on and your popcorn bowl in your lap. There’s nothing wrong with having a fun movie night with the one you are closest to, but restaurants are open to 50% capacity and it’s time to use this Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something special; after almost a whole year of being cooped up in the house, I think we have earned the right to splurge a little. We’ve got a couple of ideas on how to splurge a little on yourself and your significant other on February 14th. So, this Valentine’s Day, dress up like the red carpet is being rolled out right in front of you, show off your date and hit the town! 

Flowers … 

This may be the most obvious, cheesy, Hallmark-movie thing you could do, but we promise that a simple gesture goes a long way. You don’t want to be the only one not getting flowers in your entire office when everyone else has some placed in a delicate vase for the whole world to see on their desk right beside you. This year, take advantage of ordering flowers from April’s Garden! They will even deliver flowers for you-- which gives you no excuse not to do it. Send flowers to everyone who needs a little pick-me-up after the year we’ve been having. Send them to your mommas, grandmas, girlfriend, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Spread the love-- because why the heck not?!

Valentine's Day Flowers

Just a Little Something … 

Despite popular belief, girls don’t just want diamonds on Valentine’s Day. In fact, the last thing most girls want is to get engaged at one of the most obvious times of the entire year. Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend, but we don’t want to be expecting them. Instead, stop by one of the local shops in downtown Durango! Shop trinkets for the collectors in your life, a new coffee mug for the caffeine addicts, candles for those obsessed with all good smelling things, home decor for the redecorators, outdoor gear for the adventurous souls, and more! 

Our FAVORITE must stop shops downtown:

Animas Trading Company

Urban Market 

Tippy Canoe 

Brown’s Shoe Fit Company 

Garden Shwartz

A Little Bubbly … 

You can’t truly celebrate the holiday that is all about love without toasting to Valentine’s Day 2021 with your significant other. Whether you’re toasting to two months or twenty years spent together on Valentine’s Day, there is always something to be celebrating when you are celebrating with the one you care about the most. Stop on by our favorite liquor store in Durango, Star Liquors, for a wide selection of wines, champagnes, liquor, beer or whatever suits your fancy. We recommend grabbing a bottle of bubbly which is the best o  ption for celebrating something special. If you’re looking for a locally crafted wine selection, you must stop by Four Leaves Winery on main street for the best local wine in town. Pick up their special dessert wine, Blackberry Port, for a sweet surprise that would be paired beautifully with decadent chocolate covered strawberries from Animas Chocolate & Coffee Co

Champagne for Valentine's Day


Prepare a Meal Together...

Skip going to the crowded grocery store and searching for ingredients to make a romantic dinner for two. Instead shop local and support Durango small businesses by purchasing a make-your-own meal kit from one of the restaurants downtown. Our favorite selection of a meal kit for a special occasion, The Ore House, offers a wide variety of perfectly cut steaks and seafood. Choose from lobster tail, crab cakes, or their Valentine’s Day special surf & turf dinner for two! Order online now.


For Those Who are a bit Unconventional...

For those of us who enjoy being outside and seeking adventure with the ones we are closest to, this Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect time to get outside and explore! This weekend the snow is supposed to be dumping, so if you ski or snowboard now is the perfect time to hit the slopes and get a couple turns in with your love bug. Book your lift tickets online with Purgatory Mountain Resort! If you need gear, stop by some of the best of local Durango outdoor shops for a wide selection of gear at the highest quality.

purgatory resort


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