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Sustainably Durango: Reducing Carbon Footprint in new ways

Sustainably Durango: Reducing Carbon Footprint in new ways


I had a lovely conversation yesterday with Andy Hawk, co-founder of Timber Age Systems— one of the newest additions to our local Durango Sustainable Business Guide. They are testing out the notion of what I call “radical localism” as it relates to building materials with a commitment to use “unusable” wood to create Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) from within 100 miles of Durango. Read on for more about this incredible carbon sequestering sustainable business.  Our conversation organically transgressed into the power of innovation to transcend “us/them” political and ideological lines. Ultimately, we stumbled upon new definitions of “enough” and what it means to “share”. 


Largely, business and commerce has defined itself around a false notion that the world’s resources are limitless. But innovation does not come from this broken world view; every great designer and inventor will tell you that innovation comes from “design constraints” This begs the questions we are all facing right now: “Can we find abundance and choice (individual liberty) if we live within the Earth’s design constraints (i.e. too much carbon shifts our climate’s balance…)?”


Clearly, liberty and freedom are important, and so it the “commons”. Perhaps adding a dose of sharing will bring us closer to understanding that cooperation is just as much a natural driver of human nature as is competition. 


As always, I hope you enjoy this week’s mash up of people and companies changing business and our way of thinking for good. Be sure to check out the video on nonviolent communications and climate change; while it’s target audience is 12-18 year olds, don’t we all still think of ourselves as 18?


XO — Claire | Founder of Creative Live Studio


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