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The Durango Buzz Buss is Back!

The Durango Buzz Buss is Back!
The Hive is very excited to announce that the Buzz Bus is back in action! 

The City of Durango has historically operated a transit service within the boundaries of the city known as the “Buzz Bus”, which provided late night transportation on a demand basis. The Buzz Bus has not been in operation since 2015, yet the City recognizes the benefits to the citizens, and it has offered its full support of The Hive being a third-party operation to assume the Buzz Bus on demand service on the weekends. “The Buzz Bus left a transportation vacuum in its wake. Even in the presence of several local cab companies and ride-share apps such as Uber and Lyft, it can be difficult to hitch a ride after dark.” written in a December 2021 Herald article. The Durango Police Department states they had the following DUI related arrests and/or accidents for the last three years: 2019 – 189 arrests, 2020 – 142 arrests , 2021 – 240 arrests. It is clear that DUI’s are a rising issue in our community and there is a significant need for sober ride services to lower the rates of incidents. 

The Hive recently purchased a 14-passenger bus and are fully insured for this type of service. The intention is to begin Buzz Bus services on Fridays and Saturdays from 9PM-3AM starting in the next few weeks or by end of May. We will not be charging for rides but will accept donations as tips. One of our principal goals is to create opportunities for sober support services through our sober event venue that is located in downtown Durango. Unfortunately, the reality is that the City of Durango happens to be a drinking town and our bars per capita is quite astonishing for such a small town. Understanding that we cannot discourage individuals from partaking in the drinking culture, naturally, we have a goal to encourage healthier practices around the drinking in Durango and one of those ways is to reinstate the Buzz Bus. 

Please reach out for clarification or if you would like to feature The Hive on any press opportunities. We would love to get the word out to the community!


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