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The Local Farmers Market Scene: Durango's Freshest Produce

We all know the the feeling of comfort, home, and friendship when stepping into a farmers market. Especially if you’re a regular - you can spot your farmer friends, head to your favorite vegetable booth and then go grab your beloved bottle of honey that you run through so fast you need more than one farmer’s market per week.  Luckily, the Durango area is bursting with farmers markets that you’re likely to explode from local food consumption if you go to all of them. Some are quaint and endearing, some roaring and busy with friend gatherings, while others host themes like “bike night.” You’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite honey (or squash, or kombucha, or spinach, or apples, or peaches…) ever again. Here’s our local farmers market exposé.


Animas City Farmers Market and Night Bazaar - Wednesday Nights, 5pm - 7pm at 3001 W. 3rd Avenue, June 13th through October 17th

It’s somewhat standard for farmers markets to wake you up with the sun and have you done with your shopping by mid-morning. Sometimes, our Durango-Tango schedules means we can’t always do the morning shuffle for fresh produce. Thanks to the Animas City Farmers Market and Night Bazaar, there’s a night option. Half farmers market and half block-party, there’s always something fun happening at this bazaar. Local and live music tied with food trucks, and of course a variety of produce that is 100% community grown.

More reasons to go: The Animas City Farmers Market and Night Bazaar hosts themes for every Wednesday night. Last week, it was bike night. This week, it’s Ping-Pongalooza. Beer, ping-pong, and fresh food? C’mon. At least show up just to see.


Durango Farmers Market - Saturday Mornings, 8am - 12pm at 259 W. 9th Street, second week in May through last Saturday in October

The big meet-up where you’re sure to run into everyone you know and their mother; come out for fresh coffee (or kombucha, your choice), warm breakfast, live music, and one of Durango’s most organic social gatherings. Running until October 27th, there’s only a few more Saturday’s to join the crowds of locals who are all sharing their love for mornings spent with quality conversation and food.

More reasons to go: Because the Durango Farmers Market is a total celebration of locals, there’s always a collection of artisans showcasing and selling their one-of-a-kind creations. Food AND art. A not-to-be-missed combo.

Photo courtesy of Durango Farmers Market.

Bayfield Farmers Market - Saturday Mornings, 8:30am - 12:00pm at Roadside Park US Hwy. 160, Bayfield, CO 81122, July 3rd through October 3rd

Pure homey feeling with all of the farmers market necessities.  Fresh food and arts and crafts all for us to enjoy. This farmers market gives you every opportunity to talk to the farmers themselves and learn about their process, the food they’re giving you, and develop a friendship beyond the consumerism.

More reasons to go: This farmers market is from Bayfield area farmers, which makes the farmers about as local as you can be. An even better reason to go out and shake their hands.


Twin Buttes Farm Stand  - Tuesdays and Fridays, 3pm - 6:30pm at the West entrance to Twin Buttes, mid-June through mid-October

Twin Buttes Farm Stand is a perfect opportunity for your midweek produce cravings. The Twin Buttes Farm grows fresh produce on all five of their fields and they raise chickens to lay eggs and harvest honey from their bees. Flower bouquets are available for that special someone, or even events like weddings! So, If you’ve run out of honey and it’s only Tuesday, you’re in luck. The Twin Buttes Farm Stand will save the day.

More reasons to go: The Twin Buttes Farm Stand has an apiary that allows bees to pollinate their plants and simultaneously make honey to sell to locals! Their farm consistently holds a sustainable agriculture model to ensure top quality.

Photo courtesy of Twin Buttes Farm.

The Old Fort - Wednesday Afternoons, 1pm - 4pm at Fort Lewis College in or near the Student Union, weekly July through October and monthly throughout winter and spring

Seasonally available veggies, herbs, and winter greens! The Old Fort also raises grass-fed beef and locally-raised pork yummy and ready to eat. The Old Fort hosts the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share to give your household a delicious share of locally-grown produce every week. If you’re part of the student body or faculty, or feelin’ like you want to go explore on the hill, make sure to swing by The Old Fort stand on Wednesdays.

More reasons to go: The Old Fort was started by students and continues to be managed as a student-led program. After an in-depth Weed Management study in 2009, FLC students have continuously been growing produce for us to enjoy every week!


Farmers Market @ Three Springs - Thursdays, 4pm - 8pm at Three Springs Plaza, mid-June through October

Three Springs is known for hosting free concerts, movies, and live entertainment. Now they’re the full package by offering a farmers market! The Three Springs Farmers Market offers fresh produce, agricultural products, and it coincides with the Three Springs summer concert series. They provide substantial information about their vendors so that you can learn more about the local community you’re supporting.

More reasons to go: This farmers market was created by two friends who have a passion community-supported agriculture and produce that’s locally grown. They own a plot of land at the Old Fort and partner with the incubator program at Fort Lewis, which aids beginning farmers with education and access to land, water, and infrastructure! There’s plenty to support when coming out to the market at Three Springs.


Smiley Market - Tuesdays, 3pm - 6pm at The Smiley Building on 3rd Avenue in downtown Durango, mid-June to mid-October

Produce, meat, eggs, flowers - what more could you need? What started out as handing out community-supported agriculture boxes turned into a full farmers market. Here, locals can come buy their weekly produce and then head into the Smiley building for a cup of coffee or a yoga class. This mid-week local market keeps you stocked out for when you’re running low on farm fresh produce.

More reasons to go: Charming and sweet, the Smiley Market doesn’t require you to walk through a dozen tents or past many people. It’s there for you when you get off work, so you can make a quick drive by (or bike) to get exactly what you need!


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