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Sustainably Durango: Green Energy Innovation

Sustainably Durango: Green Energy Innovvation


    Innovation for Good  It's Time to Get Realabout what's possible and up your positive impact July 1 | 2021  
 Nature as Therapy
Spending time in nature isn’t a luxury. Many hundreds of studies from scientists working in various disciplines across the world are showing us the importance of exposure to the natural world for our health and happiness. People recover from stress quickly and more completely in natural spaces. Spending time in nature can reduce inflammation and enhance immune function.  What do I mean by “spending time in nature”? Let me give you a few of my favorite examples. 1. Early studies on “petrichor”: the phenomenon of the brain smelling the aroma of the earth after it’s rained, can make us feel calm and relaxed. 2. Finding awe in nature can promote healthier levels of cytokines (a inflammation-related biomarker). 3. Looking at fractal shapes, which are found everywhere in nature, even in sprays of “weeds” in the cracks of the pavement, can reduce stress levels. Without exposure, we lose out on these critical therapeutic benefits. The more we connection with nature, the healthier we are. Let's bring nature into our lives, offices, and homes by converting lawns into gardens, office buildings into forests, and streets into shade producing tree canopies. The antidote to paralysis in response to the dual climate and nature crisis is to share innovative ideas, sustainable solutions, and what's possible. We need natural spaces, the natural spaces in which we have spent ninety-nine per cent of our evolutionary history, in order to recover from the stresses of life, to restore ourselves, and to remember we are part of nature.  Take time to get outside and heal this summer. And, as always, take inspiration from this week's mash-up of sustainable solutions. Spend your time, energy, and money wisely. XO —Claire  | Founder of Live Creative Studio 


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