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Last Minute Non-Profit Gift Guide

Last Minute Non-Profit Gift Guide

It’s Christmas Eve. The presents are under the tree, the cookies and milk are set out and waiting for Santa, and everyone is wearing their best holiday sweater, including you. All is calm, all is bright. Right as you take the first sip of hot chocolate, you realize something: you forgot a gift for your wacky brother-in-law. What can you do? Every store except for Walmart is closed, and the big day is tomorrow.

Lucky for you, we wrote this last minute non-profit gift guide. Simply find the description that best fits the person you’re shopping for below and donate away! Not only will you be able to get a gift last minute without leaving your house, but you’ll look (and feel) like a rock star for supporting local non-profits this holiday season.


For the Adventurer - Adaptive Sports Association

The Adaptive Sports Association, or ASA,  brings recreational therapy to support those with physical or cognitive disabilities. ASA offers both winter and summer activities designed to not only bring fun but also encourages personal development with the students.

How to purchase: Donations can be made online and in honor of your gift receiver. Simply download the donation certificate after purchase. Or, to see your donation in use, take your gift recipient to volunteer at one of their many winter activities like adaptive skiing.


For the Artist - Durango Arts Center

Whether it’s a love for sculptures or theater, a donation to the Durango Arts Center (DAC)  is one that truly gives back to the community. Their goal is to promote the creation of and participation in one of the many diverse art experiences. From visual arts to theater programs, the DAC supports art programs for all ages and abilities in the Durango area.

How to purchase: Donate online here and email the donation office at campell@durangoarts.org with donation details for your printable certificate.


For the Tree Hugger - Durango Nature Studies

Durango Nature Studies offers a wide range of donation gift opportunities, the most common being the Family Membership. With the Family Membership donation, your gift receiver and up to 5 members of their family will receive free access to nature workshops, snowshoeing, full moon hikes and more! Plus they’ll know the donation money went to the education and preservation of the Durango nature we all know and love.

How to purchase: Donation packages can be purchased online here and certificates can be printed after filling out this form.


For the Movie Buff - Durango Film

Durango Film’s mission is to bring “a community together with independent filmmakers for the unique opportunity to experience and discuss global, innovative, and diverse films (DurangoFilms.org).”

How to purchase: Donations can be made online, and they even have a chart that shows exactly what the donation money purchases. For example, a $50 donation provides one classroom media literacy kit to a local teacher in the Durango area.


For the Musical Maniac - Music in the Mountains

Music in the Mountains brings orchestras, chamber choirs, and classical performances out of the concert hall and into the beautiful Durango mountains. Each season, they hold over 50 outdoor concerts in the span of the three weeks with jazz, pop, and classical performances.

How to purchase: With seven different donation levels, your purchase will include benefits for your music lover like Festival posters, garden party tickets, and up to 12 tickets to the performances themselves. Make donations online here, and call 970.385.6820 for benefits and an emailed donation certificate.


For the Scientist - Powerhouse Science Center

The historically restorated Powerhouse Science Center provides science fun and education for children and adults of all ages. Exhibits invite visitors to learn about the role of energy in the past, present, and future. Help support the tinkering, inventing, and education provided to Durango’s youth by the Powerhouse Science via giving a donation in someone’s name.

How to purchase: There are many donation levels available online, with perks like free workshops or your scientist’s name on the donor wall at the center. You can also save the donation certificate at purchase to print out later.


For the Mountain Man - San Juan Mountains Association

A donation to the San Juan Mountains Association (SJMA) provides funding for the volunteers and members who have a passion for preserving our public lands. They get their kicks out of guiding people to the right opportunities to steward the public treasure that is the San Juan Mountains.

How to purchase: Donations can be made online here. To receive a printed acknowledgment of your donation as a gift, simply mention that you would like a donation certificate in the comment box before purchase.


For the Horseback Rider - Spring Creek Horse Rescue

Help support neglected horses from various backgrounds by donating to the Spring Creek Horse Rescue. Many of the horses being helped suffer from injuries or diseases paired with a fear of people. Spring Creek Horse Rescue strives to bring these horses the medical and personal care they need to help them heal both physically and in spirit.

How to purchase: There are three levels of donations that can be made online: Love a horse, help a horse, and feed a horse. Or, you can donate a specific amount here. To receive your donation certificate after purchase, simply contact Spring Creek Horse Rescue online and provide your donation details.


For the Trailblazer - Trails 2000

It no secret that we love our trails here in Durango. A donation to Trails 2000 would bring a smile to any trailblazer, whether they’re a hiker, runner, biker, or even all of the above! Trails 2000 plans, builds, and maintains many of our beloved paths. They also provide a database which includes many resources like maps, trail conditions, and more!

How to purchase: Online, there are seven different donation level options ranging from basic to champion, providing the flexibility you need. Each comes with a certificate of donation after purchase.


For the Lone Wolf - Wolfwood Refuge

Who doesn’t love a big furry wolf? For over 20 years, Wolfwood Refuge has been a permanent home and sanctuary for over 60 abused and neglected wolves and wolf-dogs. They provide food, shelter, and socialization encouraging physical and mental growth.

How to Purchase: Donations can be made by emailing wolfwood1995@hotmail.com or by calling 970-946-9606. However, if you would like a certificate to print and give as a gift, Wolfwood Refuge recommends email.


For the Young Professional - Young Professionals of Durango

Have someone in your life who would like more networking opportunities? Consider taking care of their application fee for the Young Professionals of Durango (YPOD). They strive to “connect, empower, and engage” Durango young professionals through community and civic involvement that help the community.

How to purchase: Have your young professional fill out the online application form, and when it comes time to enter credit card info, that’s where you step in and make their day.


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