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The day is here - get out and vote, or return your ballot! We've compiled information from the La Plata County Clerk Office for everything you need to know about how to vote.

What is in my ballot packet?

  • Your official ballot
  • These voter instructions
  • An official return envelope

How do I return my ballot?

  • Mail it back
    • No later than 8 days prior to election day
  • Drop it off at a county-controlled drop box
  • Deliver it to a VSPC

Need a replacement ballot?

Call (970) 382-6296 or visit any VSPC. The last day for the County Clerk’s Office to mail you a replacement is October 29, 2018.

Do I need to provide an ID?

No, the signature on your official envelope will be used to verify your ID.

How do I vote my ballot?

Follow all of the voting instructions on your ballot. After you vote:

  1. Refold your ballot
  2. Place your ballot inside of the official return envelope
  3. Sign and date the self-affirmation located on your own official return envelope.


  • You must sign the self-affirmation for your ballot to count.
  • Do not sign, initial, or print your name on the ballot.
  • The official return envelope may only contain your ballot. If you include another voter's ballot in the same nvelope, none of the ballots will count.
  • Every signature is verified against your current voter registration record. No one else may sign your envelope, even if there are a power of attorney in place.

How can I track my ballot and find election results?

You can go to www.govotecolorado.com or call us at (970)382-6296 to confirm that we received your ballot.

The country Clerk’s Office must receive your ballot by 7:00PM on Election Day. Postmarks do not count.

Election Results will be available at www.laplatacountyclerk.org after 7pm on Election Day.


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