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75 things to do in Durango in winter

You might be in denial, but winter and its frostbite-worthy temperatures have officially descended upon Durango. For some, the nipping temps mean it’s time to hit the mountain and drown in powder. For others, it means a quick retreat into homes and being wrapped in wool blankets sipping on hot chocolate until the sun decides to provide its warmth again. That could take a while - several months, in fact. So for those who are wool-wrapped and just waiting, here are 75 things to do in Durango when the plummeting temperatures chase you inside.

  1. Grab a coffee at one of the many Durango Joe’s
  2. Sip on a local seasonal beer from Carver Brewing Company
  3. Treat yourself to a Spa Day
  4. Or create your own DIY at home Spa Day
  5. Get your sweet tooth craving fix at Animas Chocolate Company
  6. Feel relaxed at Durango Hot Springs 
  7. Enjoy local wine at Four Leaves Winery
  8. Learn to square dance at Wild West Squares
  9. Check out local Native american art and jewelry - toh-atin gallery
  10. See a show at Animas City Theatre
  11. Have a good Netflix binge
  12. Treat yo’ self and get a massage
  13. Plan your summer activities in Durango
  14. Take a relaxing staycation at a bed & breakfast
  15. Volunteer at a local non profit
  16. Start a winter book list and grab your books from Maria’s Bookshop
  17. With your book list, make a weekly Book Club
  18. Find your favorite happy hour of the week
  19. Catch some live music
  20. Find a seasonal recipe and bake ‘til your heart's full
  21. Hit up Taco Tuesday at Gazpacho’s for their Carne Asada taco deals
  22. Turn off Netflix and get fit
  23. Begin your journey to health and wellness with one of these local companies
  24. Check out one of Durango’s marijuana dispensaries
  25. Get those pesky roof leaks, window cracks, and assortment of house problems finally fixed with a local handyman
  26. Go antique shopping
  27. Learn a new DIY craft 
  28. Hang out at the Purgatory Lodge
  29. Catch a comedy show at 11th Street Station
  30. Visit Ska Brewing World HQ & Tasting Room
  31. Take a train ride throughout the winter wonderland of Durango
  32. Take a trip to dip in the hot springs at Pagosa Springs
  33. Learn the necessities of computer skills with The Computer Classroom
  34. Plan a surprise party for a friend with a winter birthday!
  35. Plan your dream summer vacation out of state
  36. Redecorate your house for the season with mountain furnishings from Tippy Canoe
  37. Something about whiskey
  38. Bring some life into your space with flowers from one of our local florist
  39. Make homemade hot chocolate
  40. Go back to basics: board game night!
  41. Plan your springtime garden
  42. Make a night of bowling at Sky Ute Casino Resort
  43. Give acrylic or oil painting a try!
  44. Enjoy local art at Durango Arts Center
  45. Check out the local library
  46. Volunteer at the Manna Soup Kitchen
  47. Make an extremely fancy and over the top coffee
  48. Check out a concert or recital at the Community Concert Hall
  49. Go thrifting for a new (to you) winter sweater!
  50. Host a dinner party or pot luck with your friends (you can even have it catered)
  51. Have a ‘bonfire’ inside and roast marshmallows.
  52. Start brainstorming your costume for Snowdown - the theme is Shakespear!
  53. Visit the Powerhouse Science Center.
  54. Bust out your favorite songs for a dance party!
  55. Check out a new tabletop game at Guild House Games
  56. Head to one of the movie theaters!
  57. Or have your own movie night at home and watch your favorites!
  58. Get a head start on spring cleaning and declutter a small part of your home.
  59. Embrace your inner mixologist and create a new cocktail with one of our local liquor stores
  60. Warm up and destress with the Durango Sports Club Sauna
  61. Take a yoga class
  62. Try out your winter green thumb with a new houseplant from Botanical Concepts
  63. Take on a home improvement project with Ace Hardware
  64. Foster a furry friend, even if only for a day with the La Plata Humane Society
  65. Volunteer at the Adaptive Sports Association
  66. Get your friends and family together for a professional photography session
  67. Or whip out your cameras and have your own photoshoot
  68. Walk through local open houses, or browse for your dream home online
  69. Check out a local tea shop and let them help you find your perfect cup of tea
  70. Give the Pepper Steak Herbert a try at the Mahogany Grille
  71. Remember, just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have ice cream!
  72. Take a try at minesweeper (even if you don’t fully understand how to play)
  73. Try out a new recipe!
  74. Beat the Monday blues with hour yoga and a beer at Ska Brewing
  75. Write a short story!


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